Travel Europe on a Budget

The Continent of Europe has a huge variety. It ranges from modern cities with 21st Century facilities to places where there are centuries of history. There are more open spaces than you might think and plenty of busy coastal resorts where numbers flock to catch the sun.

This website Easy Travel 4U, tells you more about some of the places in Europe. Do your research about others and look at the tips below if Europe is to be your next destination.

#1. Budget Airlines

Budget Airlines have transformed tourism. While there was never a price-fixing arrangement between the scheduled airlines, once budget airlines started, the number of destinations that travellers could access cheaply around Europe increased enormously.

Budget Airlines work on quick turnarounds and are looking for each plane to do four flights a day if possible. That means they are not looking to fly on any one journey for more than four hours. That is feasible from one end of Europe to the other four times.

There are plenty of websites offering the best prices for specific flights but take care. You need to know the final price of a flight before you book. Things like luggage, seat selection, and food are all extras. Take your own food, seat wherever they place you, and travel light are all good tips to get cheap flights to where you want to go.

#2. Bus

Overland travel is cheaper than flying, it just takes longer to get to your destination. You can travel by comfortable coach, crossing national borders if you intend to see several countries. It is a generalisation but cross-border travel is not as time-consuming as it used to be. You can expect free Wi-Fi, toilet facilities, and light refreshments as you travel.

If you are travelling by coach, pick one of the organisations that cover significant parts of Europe. Customs and immigration should deal with passengers reasonably quickly. The added advantage of coach travel is you can sit back and see the countryside. While such trips will not involve more than comfort breaks, you may not feel the need to book any tours outside your chosen cities if you have already seen the countryside.

Euro Rail Train

#3. Train

Rail travel has similar advantages to bus travel in terms of seeing the countryside and the costs relative to flights. Many long journeys maybe overnight in which case you will not see the countryside but you will get to your destination without losing any hours of daylight.

Overnight rail journeys do remove the need to book accommodation. The Eurorail Pass covers almost 30 European countries. Do your research and plan your itinerary mindful of the rail systems.

#4. Sharing Road Transport

Budget Airlines are not the only thing that has transformed travel. The Internet, smartphones, and apps have all had a similar impact. You can do research in advance, book the things you need, and look at services on offer. There is an app that allows you to book shared transport in advance and vet the people you book it. It means you can travel in complete safety even though you will be with complete strangers. Hitch-hiking does not offer any guaranteed safety.

It may not be easy to get a ‘’road share’’ every time you want it, but if it is available, it is also a way to meet new friends.

Hostel Accommodation

#5. Hostel Accommodation

Accommodation is a significant expense when you are travelling. There are plenty of websites promoting cheap accommodation and websites that give you an insight into different places, and accommodation there. Hostel accommodation is the cheapest way to enjoy a holiday. In all likelihood, you will meet like-minded people as well by using hostels.

You will find plenty of reviews on destinations and the quality of accommodation within the budget that you have. The system of reviews works well as long as you look at a few rather than concentrating on the best or worst.

#6. Self Catering

 No one would turn down an invitation to dinner at a top-quality restaurant but you would not choose one if you are on a budget and paying the bill yourself. You do not need to choose fast food, chips with everything, to keep the cost of food down. Why not make your own sandwiches for example or look for small cafes?

This applies more to Asia than Europe, but street food is everything you would find on a restaurant menu, and the busy stalls ensure everything is fresh and healthy. The point is that in each of the places you visit, there will be cheap eateries, markets selling fresh produce and supermarkets with all the things you may want to eat. Think self-catering and your daily food bills should not stretch your budget.

#7. Central & Eastern Europe

By all means, look through travel websites to find out more about different places but here is a tip. Central & Eastern Europe tends to be cheaper than Western Europe. The Balkans, Bulgaria, and Romania up through the old Yugoslavia, now 7 different countries, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland have much to offer.

You can enjoy historic old towns in many of these countries. The Adriatic Coastline is lovely, and you can see the Black Sea to the east as well. The Danube flowing down through several of these countries to the Black Sea is an additional attraction.

This large part of Europe has excellent cross-border travel connections, fine cuisine, plenty to see and do, and prices are good as well.

#8. Plan Your Budget

Advance planning is important if you are to be able to keep to a budget and not get into difficulties. Once you decide on your itinerary, why not book those things that you can online? In theory, you can pay for everything except daily expenses and sundries in advance. If you are not a seasoned traveller, that may be the best way to proceed rather than spend as you go?

That may not be as important if you have access to an emergency fund. Think about it!


Today’s travellers have plenty of help in planning their travels, but some need to do it with a limited budget. Hopefully, these ideas will help you with your planning and keep you within a budget so after returning home, you can start your plans for your next adventure.

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