Tool Box

You may know that having a tool box remains essential for any home or repair/installation-based business. However, if you’re building a collection from scratch, you may need a reminder of what to buy. Here are the basic tools and features you’ll need to make any tool set complete.


Investing in a durable hammer — or even a mallet in some instances — will allow you to complete just about any quick fix. Having a variety of nail sizes will give you better options based on the project.


It’s a good idea to keep both a flathead and a cross-recess screwdriver on hand for added versatility. Screws come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll need to eventually acquire screwdrivers of differing sizes and heads.

tool box organizer


As you continuously add tools to your set, you may have trouble fitting everything into a handheld tool box. For all tool boxes too large to carry, tool box wheels can be added for easy maneuvering.


As far as heavy-duty projects go, a pipe wrench is your best bet. Use lug wrenches for changing out car or truck tires. For just about everything else, use an adjustable wrench for the everyday fixes.


Do you need something to move, but it won’t budge? Spray WD40 on just about anything, and you’ll instantly have it lubricated again.

Duct Tape

Do you need something to stay in place, but it keeps moving? Apply duct tape to fasten objects in place. Sometimes, even big problems require just a simple fix.


A good set of slip joint pliers will tighten or loosen just about anything, and you can use needle nose pliers for delicate situations. If you need to improvise a clamp, utilize locking pliers for their strong grips.

Tape Measure

The key to any project is having an understanding of exactly what needs to be done and what exactly you’re working with. Tape measures obviously provide measurements of length, but you can also use them to trace a straight line.

Box Cutters

Great for breaking open any box or plastic bag, box cutters are easy to store and reliable enough to keep around for years. Box cutters should be among the first things you buy, since they can be used to get the rest of your tools out of their packaging.

Even though constant technological advancements make tasks easier than they used to be, every homeowner or blue-collar worker ought to own a set of tools. All tool collections start off small before expanding into a suitable stockpile, so equip yourself with what’s needed before going after the more powerful stuff.