travel safety tips

No doubt traveling is an adventure and exciting but it can be dangerous as well, because exploring a foreign country having personal information, travel cards and cash can put international travelers to risks. Proper planning, staying in contact with your family and making a perfect plan for getting and spending travel money are the top secrets to ensure your as well your wallet safety in a foreign country. Doing some homework and avoiding pitfalls also ensure a safe trip and great time overseas. Read on to learn safety tips to protect you and your wallet when exploring a foreign land.

Stay In Touch With Your Family
Whether it’s a solo travel or going with a group, it is always better to stay connected with your family or someone back home. They know where you’re going and what your plans so they can contact in any emergency.

Travel Safety Tips To Protect You

Travel Safety Tips

Know Where To Buy Travel Money

It is worth checking the places to get the travel money at destination to avoid scams and thieves. If you’re going to Australia then you must know about the best company or money changer offering the best currency exchange in Melbourne and Sydney. Avoid exchanging currency at the popular tourist destinations and don’t use ATMs which are located at poorly lighted places.

Inform Your Local Bank Or Card Company

Informing the local bank is a great travel safety tip to protect yourself and your wallet in a foreign land. If you’re going to use a travel card of a company then let them know about your visit to reduce the risks of fraud and your card will not be frozen because of unusual transactions.

travel safety tips

Look Like A Local

The physical appearance of travelers like holding map in a hand and wearing a money belt shows that they are new to a place which put them at risks as thieves easily identify and chase them. Do some research and try to look like a local and do not accept help from locals. It is always better to use google map for finding the nearby ATM or bank instead of asking locals.

Learn About The Laws And Places Where You’re Going

Every country has its own rules and regulations so do some homework before leaving home. Search the internet and investigate about the places which you are going to visit in a foreign country and familiarize with the local laws and rules. Investigate that whether travel cards, credit cards or traveler’s checks are acceptable in that country or not and where from you can get the best exchange rate.

Weed Out Your Wallet

Having important documents such as passport, visa, tickets, travel card, credit cards is good but keep them in a safe place or bag. Don’t carry all the cash and cards in one wallet while traveling overseas because pickpockets love the popular tourist destinations and wallet is the first thing they steal. It is suggested to place some cash and cards in the bag and just carry one in your wallet.

Carefully use computers in hotels

Nowadays, hotels require the guest’s credit card number at the time of check in for the bill. But be cautious while using the computers in the hotels and do not enter any financial details in the system because there might be some software through which fraudsters can track your data.

Use Safer ATMs

Often travelers do not pay attention to the ATMs and get ripped off after using the fake ATMs. Fraudsters have set out some fake machines with a scanner inside it so when a traveler used that machine they scan the PIN code. So beware of such criminals and try to use safer ATMs using google map.

Carry A Dummy Wallet

Carrying a spare wallet having some money and hotel cards is a great travel safety tip to protect yourself and your wallet as well. In case you’re accosted, you can run away by handing over that dummy wallet to the thief.