Best Advertising Mediums
Best Advertising Mediums

Austin, Texas, has consistently been the fastest-growing city in the United States for 8 years.

Contributing to that growth might be the fact that Austin is the tech center of Texas, starting with the founding of Dell in 1984.

This makes Austin a great place for startups, but it can be competitive.

Best Advertising Mediums for Startups

Here are 3 affordable marketing tips to get your startup noticed in Austin, Texas.

#1. Vehicle Magnets

Anyone who has ever spent time in Austin can attest to the rush hour traffic snarls.

Austin is a growing city, and it has so much traffic it ranks 14th among the nation’s most congested cities.

While that statistic may sound bad, who can leverage it for the opportunity?

Purchasing magnetic signs for cars in Austin is an affordable and convenient strategy to add to your marketing plan.

It will pay off to have your company receive free advertisement during one of those snarls. Now, who’s driving?

#2. The Airport

With some traffic coming in and out of the tech capital of Texas, it makes sense to grab exposure where people travel, and if they aren’t traveling by car, they’re traveling by plane.

Airport advertising is a bigger investment than a sign for your vehicle, so it may take your company time to build the capital needed for this type of expenditure but keep the idea planted in your mind because you’ll get there.

#3. Social Media

Everyone uses social media, even your grandma. If everyone in tech is using social media, then you better be doing it, too.

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google, these are mediums with proven performance. Surprisingly, they also offer affordable advertising packages for nearly any budget.

With a $5 trial on Facebook, you can potentially reach hundreds and thousands of viewers who might be interested in your product. It’s also a great way to gain followers.

Whatever the size of your business, it pays to be creative with your advertising budget.

The benefits of small marketing investments, such as car magnets and social media advertising, shouldn’t be overlooked, as they can pave the way to future growth.

Once you’ve achieved that growth, add to your existing strategy that has worked so well and consider marketing in large traffic hubs such as the airport.

Austin has a lot of opportunities for a startup. You have to go out and grab it.

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