Air Cooler Needs Tune Up

Air conditioners are essential in homes and workplaces. Summer is a lot more pleasant when you have cool, clean air to help you do chores around the house or relax. Aside from these, indoor air quality keeps tempers cool, and can even safeguard you and your loved ones’ health. It also keeps you secure from pests and allergens, as well as maintain ideal temperatures. Furthermore, airconditioning protects your devices from overheating and keeps your furniture in tiptop shape.

But, like other devices, air conditioners need to be treated well to function properly. A regular tune up ensures it blows cool air and provides ideal temperatures as required. So how do you tell when your unit needs some attention? We give you a quick rundown on the signs your air cooler needs love TLC from you or a trusted professional.‘

Signs Your Air Cooler Needs A Tune Up

Your air cooler can show several signs that it needs a simple checkup or a much-needed AC repair and air conditioning tune up to function properly. The most common are:

Signs Your Air Cooler Needs A Tune Up

Warm Air

When you turn on your air cooler, and you get warm rather than cool air, and the thermostat settings are okay, it could mean three things: blocked airflow, compressor issue, or low refrigerant levels.

One of the basic rules of HVAC maintenance is to check your air filters as they could be dirty and need replacement. When it comes to compressor and refrigerant refills, it’s best to leave it to the experts.

Strange Noises

Air coolers often work quietly in the background. You only feel the cool air and barely hear it. If you notice that yours is louder than usual with a definite hum, hissing, or grinding noise, it could mean anything from a few loose screws to serious issues.

Consider checking your AC if the screws need to be tightened, or if there are some bent blades on your fans that could cause it to be louder than usual.

You can also make a quick inspection of the outer unit and see if twigs or branches are lodged inside. If this happens often, you may need to create an AC cover to protect and keep it away from direct sunlight.

Humming noises can also hint that your motor needs some oil. If your unit is old, it could mean that the motor is about to die out.

Weak Airflow

Aside from blowing warm air, another sign that your air cooler needs a tuneup is when airflow is too weak to dissipate the heat of the summer months. Blocked air filters or leaking air ducts are the most common causes of inadequate airflow. Dust that accumulates on your air filters needs to be removed, while leaking air ducts need inspection or patch-up work.

Smelly Odors

Strange odors can indicate that there’s too much refrigerant in your AC. Your condenser coils could also harbor dust, grime, and bacteria. These could also come from a full condenser pan, wet filters, or mold and fungus buildup. Dead animals trapped in your air cooler could also emit nasty smells.

An AC tuneup removes these foul smells with a thorough cleanup of all its parts, and even provides much-needed replacements.

Frequent Cycles

Your air conditioner goes through a series of cooling cycles, but when it becomes more frequent, it could indicate that your system is working harder than usual. It could be caused by damaged parts and may require calibration from HVAC professionals.

Humid Indoors

Lots of humid air often accompany warm weather. Aside from keeping indoor air cool, air conditioning units also help keep moisture at comfortable levels. A tuneup can adjust your cooling system’s settings to ensure it works just as it’s supposed to do.

Leaking Water

HVAC systems use refrigerants to cool your home, but it doesn’t have to show it. Puddles or leaks indicate your unit is in dire need of repair. You need to call technicians immediately since leaks can cause more damage to your home.

Increase In Energy Consumption

Air coolers are subject to wear and tear over time, and if yours are already dated, their energy efficiency could decrease as well. This could translate into higher maintenance costs. Service technicians can advise you need more than a tuneup.Aside from repairs, they can also suggest replacements and have it linked to a smart home system to easily manage air quality and humidity settings. Automation also helps you control your home’s energy consumption.

Schedule A TuneUp Now

Air conditioning tuneups ensure a thorough inspection and cleaning of your unit, while repairs and replacement ensure its efficiency. You can schedule this once a year as a way to show your aircooling system some TLC for all the hard work it does to keep your home cool, safe, and clean.

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