amazon prime sale

Exciting news awaits all Amazon Prime members, enthusiastic readers, and music lovers in India.

A very quick 2-hour delivery of three products, including the all-new Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite (Wifi), Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot, and Echo smart speakers, has just become a reality for Amazon shoppers in India.

Just imagine ordering these popular products and getting them in under 2 hours. Now, that’s customer satisfaction! Fortunately, this service has recently been made possible for all Amazon Prime members through Prime Now.

As you all know, Prime Now is an app-only fast delivery service exclusively for e-commerce giant Prime members. One can also avail of the best deals on Amazon Prime.

With this, one can enjoy and avail of same-day and next-day scheduled deliveries. The best part is that the delivery of the products mentioned above is possible on any day of the week and can be ordered anytime between 6 a.m. and midnight.

amazon prime sale

With Amazon Prime Now rechristened Prime Now, one can avail of the instant delivery service in selected cities, including New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

Even better, Prime Now is also offering a generous introductory discount of 15% on Amazon devices purchased using the Prime Now app.

But to avail of this discount, it is mandatory to purchase the Prime Now app. The prices of the devices will drop to a great extent.

The Fire TV Stick will go down to Rs. 3,399 from Rs. 3,999; the all-new Kindle will cost Rs. 5,099, down from Rs. 5,999; and the Kindle Paperwhite (Wi-Fi) will cost Rs. 9,349 instead of Rs. 10,999.

To add to this joy, there are some 10,000+ products that are also being made available through the Prime Now app, with options of scheduled deliveries within a few hours of purchase for the customers.

These products include various options in the Electronics, Home and Kitchen Appliances, Accessories, and Grocery Items category.

Again, this app can be easily accessed and downloaded from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Even better, customers also choose to select cash backs worth Rs. 100 on those purchases worth Rs. 1,000 in total.

For all of you who are new to Amazon Prime or Prime Now, this is an exclusive service wherein users paying a membership fee can enjoy certain benefits that other customers can’t access or enjoy.

This includes free one- and two-day deliveries without any minimum purchase amount, 30-minute early access to products on sale during specific festival seasons or offer periods, and full access to Amazon’s list of TV shows, movies, and music through Prime Video and Prime Music services.

To access all these exclusive Prime Now app services, one needs to sign in to the app and give in their PIN code and other personal details. Customers can make their purchases and select delivery options depending on their time and convenience.

Currently, Amazon Prime has announced a monthly Prime membership scheme that costs only Rs. 129 per month. This gives one a choice between Amazon Prime’s monthly plans and its existing yearly membership plans at Rs 999.

Even though this announcement has just been made, it’s sure to boost the sales of the Fire TV Stick and Echo smart speakers in the coming days. The Prime Now app has sure taken the level of online purchases and delivery in India to a whole new level.

Also, check out the upcoming Prime Day 2018 sale, expected to take place by mid-July and sure to include a lot of exciting offers and deals. So stay tuned for official updates from Amazon. Till then, happy shopping to all movie and music lovers!

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