Online stores have their maximum sales come from mobile phones or tablets. Moreover, this new evolution is the mCommerce, an addition to the famous e-commerce through mobile phones. “You will see a tremendous growth in mCommerce in the coming years, and the sales via mobiles to jump from $133 billion in 2013 to $626 Billion in 2018 as per Goldman Sachs.” Implementing a new technology with mobile app can take your business to new heights. Let’s discuss such a trending technology that is Augment Reality.

What Augmented Reality is about?

Augmented Reality gives you a computer-generated image like in a real world. Did you know that you could experience the Augmented Reality through your phone, on your computer or even special AR glasses like the Google Glasses? Well, that is a reality. With augmented reality, purchases through mobile or pc is also possible.

With sales increasing tremendously on the mobile phone and tablets, this new channel ‘augmented reality’ will take mCommerce to new heights. This term became more familiar and popular to people when they built the famous Pokémon Go on it. While some industries were, trying to figure out how to use the AR the Niantic developers picked the concept and based the game on it.

Why mCommerce should go for augmented reality?

Where in 2015, the e-commerce transaction through mobiles was 40% and the expected growth by 2017 is 70%. With the increasing popularity of AR, it becomes important for mCommerce to embrace this new technology too. The AR market is expecting to grow from nothing to $90 billion by 2020. Everyone prefers to shop through mobile because it is convenient and gives you the liberty to shop while you are on the go. The current scenario of shopping via mobile phones will change with AR. For example, if a customer wants to buy sunglasses, they can upload their picture and with the basic tools check, which will look best, but with AR they can actually try them on.

#1. Personalize Customers Shopping

However, with AR, the experience of shopping will change entirely. With AR enabled in that shops app, the customer can use the camera in real-time and see how the sunglasses will actually look. It will give you a real-life experience and user’s buying decision will be mostly accurate and well thought. It will be like trying them in the store. Giving such an experience to customers on the go will enhance your growth.

#2. Visualizes Shopping

When you want to buy some furniture for your home, it gets very confusing. Sometimes you pick the wrong furniture and exchanging gets tedious. With an AR app, you can visualize how your home will look with furniture in different places and which furniture you should buy.

#3. Enhances shopping experience

Shopping has to be interesting and fun for your customers. Let’s say, if you are a lover of beauty products and like to try different shades to see how it look on you, today you actually have to try it, but Sephora Virtual Artist App changes it all for you. This new app is an AR app that allows you to try different lip colors, eye shadows, etc. to see which color suits your face or skin type and which does not. With AR apps, the experience is exciting and fun-filled than in-store shopping because you do not have to apply the shades on yourself and then remove until you get the best one. If you like what you have created on the app, you can order it.

Benefits for mCommerce with Augmented Reality

There are definite benefits for mobile commerce with augmented reality. Let us take a closer look at them.

Increases Sales

For any business, sales are important and the medium of increased sales is even more important. AR can be a source to enhanced sales for you business. If you provide AR in your mobile then customers will be able to get the store experience on the mobile while purchasing. This way customer can finalize products quicker and help to increase your sales.

Video Text: Augment – Augmented reality for Interior Design

It gives a better view of the colors to pick so that they do not merge with the wall colors. You do not need to be an expert or hire an expert for this; the app will help you do it all.

Replicates the in-store shopping experience

With the AR technology, customers can check the price of the product, view the 3D model, can also try clothes, lipsticks, eyeliners, shoes, furniture without any problems and then place the final order.

Stand Out From other Competitors

You can make your business stand out of the crowd by developing the AR app for your customers. Giving customers in-store experience on their mobile or tablet will increase the brand name. Embracing it will only help to make better your business and sales.


Augmented Reality is the future of online shopping. Currently not many are offering this experience, but those that are offering have become the favorite for their customers. Since mobile commerce has already taken over ecommerce, it is time to bring Augmented Reality for your customers. It not only enhances the shopping experience but it also gives you a chance to increase your customer base and sales. Soon you will see all companies taking up the Augmented Reality for their mobile business.

Why Augmented Reality is important for mCommerce Growth 1
Why Augmented Reality is important for mCommerce Growth 2