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Ageing is a natural process. As we grow older, our skin loses its elasticity; we develop spots, lines and wrinkles. These marks are the interesting lines that give us a character, each mark telling its own story.

Together they form a map on our face, the map of our life. Yet, we would all love to slow it down as much as possible! The problem with ageing skin today is that it does not always come with age. Instead, it may come because of the corrosive effects of our environmental pollution, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle.

So, we try to ward-off the change as much as possible. This is the main reason behind the popularity of Cosmetics Industry and anti-ageing creams in India.

How Do Anti Ageing Cream Works?

anti ageing cream for women

[Skin Care Products] Effects of pollution on the Skin

While we can all see the ill-effects of pollution around us, few of us have considered it an actual reason for ageing skin. Yet, we actually feel the effects of pollution, especially air pollution, on our skin. That is why we want to scrub and clean our face when we come home after traveling on a traffic-clogged road.

But now research shows a much deeper connection between pollution and its effect on skin. Both indoor pollution (from particulate matter in the air and smoke from fireplace, stove chimney etc) and outdoor pollution add to the cause. Indoor pollution can cause dry skin and irritation.

Outdoor pollution has a much deeper impact. Apart from hastening the wear and tear on the skin, it is also damaging the ozone layer. This allows the UV rays to enter our atmosphere and reach our skin.

Eventually, it takes it toll on the skin, even causing serious disorders like cancer. Essentially, pollution in the air slogs our pores and stops it from ‘breathing’. This is the main cause for its premature ageing. Anti-ageing creams in India are supposed to help the skin ‘breathe’.

[Anti Aging Cream] Stress and ageing

This is again something that we dot necessarily need scientific evidence for because we often see the results ourselves! A stressful, sleepless night leaves us looking haggard, the perfect look for someone on their path to premature ageing. Prolonged stress does actually set in those lines, making us look far older than we are.

Let’s look at some of the effects of stress. You may have sported this look on occasion — before important tests or as a work deadline approaches. Stress effects can be puffed eyes, dry flaky skin, acne, rashes, and finally, fine lines. While most of these effects are temporary and go away as life gets back to normal, for people who live stressful lives these effects become a permanent part of their face, hastening the ageing.

[Best Wrinkle Cream] Fight against ageing

The result of this premature ageing is of course, a resolute fight against. Women and men are buying anti-ageing products more than ever before. In fact, it happens to be one of the largest selling commodities in cosmetics! We are using lotions and creams to correct a problem that could very well be internal. As usual, Ayurvedic Hair Oil Manufacturers shows us the way.

Ayurveda and ageing

Ayurveda is a holistic science that sees the human body and its health as a whole. Ageing gets an important place in Ayurveda. As part of life and death, ageing is the inevitable direction where our body will go. But Ayurveda also sees ageing as a disease, one that is bound to strike and one that will bring with it other signs. These are the signs that are body is failing.

However, Ayurveda also lays emphasis on the importance of retaining one’s vitality for this is a sign of inner strength. Ayurveda recommends a host of measures to ensure this vitality remains from following the right diet to the observation of social ethics.

It also gives us recipes for rejuvenation of the skin and this is where modern Ayurvedic formulations for anti-ageing creams in India come from. These use natural ingredients that, we now know, contain minerals that benefit our skin.

These ingredients include roseroot, carrot, gingko. These ingredients are used in a cream base to ensure that one can easily apply these. Used regularly, these ingredients have proven to be extremely effective.

Perhaps, these contract cosmetic manufacturers will become one of our tools against our highly polluted environment.

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