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You might be an entrepreneur or a well-established business owner in your sector and now, you want to expand your customer support services. What would you do? Obviously, you will outsource a call center to avail support service for your customer. But is it that easy?

Outsourcing your call center to an international company can surely be a tough task to assign. Before you trust an international agency for your operations, you must assess the cost & benefits related to it. Along with this, you should also raise various questions to your potential service provider that can help you understand what you want and what the latter is offering.

Mentioned below information can help you in choosing the right outsourcing partner for your business:

Profits of Outsourcing a Call Center

Lower cost
Various call center outsourcing firms handle their own professionals, infrastructure, calling and management workforce. In addition, these outsourcing companies hire agents from countries where the operational and associated costs are much lower. Money saved here are often converted into lesser costs for their customers. So, the cost related to outsourcing an offshore call center is usually less than what you would spend to manage an in-house call center.

24/7 service for a fraction of the price and resources
You might think that handling a 24/7 call center team would be exciting, but doing so with your in-house professionals may terrify you. As a business owner, outsourcing your reputed call center international company may be a win-win for you. Not only you can offer round the clock service to your customers, but, also save the cost and efforts that you would put in handling a 24/ in-house call center professionals.

Multilingual team at lower cost
Since the businesses across the world are now extending their reach to different countries and continents, having a culturally diverse customer base is quite possible. Even you may be having a customer base that is segmented on the basis of language. In this scenario, maintaining an in-house call center can be pretty costly. By outsourcing a call center, you get to leverage on the adequate supply of experienced and trained professionals who are fluent in native dialect of your clientele for an affordable price.

Focus on core activities of your business
When you outsource your customer support service to a renowned and efficient outsourcing company offshore, it offers you the time and space to focus entirely on your core business activities such as marketing, finance, sales, IT or so on.

Disadvantage of outsourcing a call center

Language & communication limitation
One of the most prominent barriers that come in outsourcing an off-shore call center is communication limitation such as accents, unclear pronunciations, and frank language. These shortcomings do affect the service quality.

A 2008 report by CFI group explained that when customer service professionals are perceived to converse softly and clearly, they resort customer issues 88% of the time. This is a vast difference having a huge impact on service quality.

Cultural mismatch
For customers based in the US, calling a local number and connecting with an overseas agent can be really frustrating. A study suggested that callers are much happier when they interact to an agent that sounded as if they belonged to their country. This also puts a tremendous blow on service quality.

Reduced customer satisfaction
It is been found that a handsome amount of callers had to talk with more than one professional so as to resolve their issue. A steep fall in first call resolution can enhance the service quality and customer experience.

Less or no control over business operations

As tempting as it seems to outsource your business to a third-party in a set-it and forget-it manner, you may be losing or sacrificing more than you think. Abandoning total control over any business unit can have a diminishing effect on more significant ones affecting customer satisfaction, service quality, efficiency and your business objective.

Hiked costs
Even though outsourcing a call center may seem cost-effective, hidden costs involved in various activities can change everything. Costs that are related to legal issues from stringent federal regulations, security breaches, bad customer service, employing an international lawyer, and client-retention can all have a humungous impact altogether.

Few questions to be raised

  • How do you employ and train your agents?
  • What are the age, education, language fluency, experience and allied demographics of your call center professionals??
  • How many professionals will be allocated to answering my customer calls?
  • How do you route calls to agents? Do you have IVR?
  • What are your employees TAT?
  • Will the terms of our contract be affected by any legal issues?

Take a Look On hand Picked Topics About Outsourcing and Call Center

Many other questions may be asked depending on what are your business objectives and goals to outsource the customer support service.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and we are sure that your business will see heights as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. Leave your comments in the section below if you think we have missed something. Good Luck!

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