Tile Designs

Whenever someone is designing their house, they do it with the intention of converting it into something which is extremely beautiful and vibrant. And why not?

After all, they will live there and spend their life there. People have a lot of ideas to give their home a charming, timeless and a unique look.

It is very overwhelming to build a dream home and with a multitude of beautiful and unique designs available in the market, it becomes all the more difficult to make choices.

Also, a lot of it depends on two important factors which are space and budget. Most of the people believe that building a house is all about colours, themes, and home décor plan but as a matter of fact, it has a lot to do with the tiles as well which, normally, people would ignore or forget.

Below is the list of factors that must be considered before buying the tiles for your dream home.

1. The Material Used

The popular materials usually used for making tiles are marble, brick, ceramic or wood. Some of these tiles available in the market are even handmade.

The material used to create the handmade tiles is either ceramic or clay and this ensures longevity, strength, and permanency of the tile. The Spanish Tiles are one such example of clay tiles which increases the lifespan of roofs after installing them.

All these materials are available in a great range of colours and designs. Other materials which are now gaining prominence are granite, porcelain, slate, vinyl, and mosaic.

2. Durability

This is an important factor to consider while buying tiles. Always look for tiles which are resistant to the wear and tear. Some tiles are prone to breakage, stains or cracks.

Therefore it is better to assess the movement in the intended area before installation of the tiles. Tiles are very critical and can be installed indoor and outdoor. If they are not durable it will only result in financial loss.

Also, the time for the renovation is also huge therefore durable tiles must be considered.

3. Design

The tiles these days are available in a number of shapes and colours. If you are looking for subtle colours, or maybe geometric designs or baroque designs, consider the Spanish Tiles.

These are the most sought after tiles and are very attractive looking. These are also available in ranges such as dull, glossy or semi-glossy.

4. Use of the tiles

Some tiles are suitable for indoor use while some are best for outdoor. These tiles not only add life to the room but also make the area look unique and beautiful. If you are planning to install the tiles in the garden, it is a must to consider if it will be affected by the rains or other elements.

5. Maintenance

Last but not the least. One must consider the maintenance factor as to how easy it is to clean the tiles. Some tiles require specific cleaning material and equipment so that they don’t erode.

Considering all these basic factors before buying a tile is very important. Therefore, it is best to make a thorough research before making the decision to buy.

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