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How many times have you gone on a trip and need to check the weather? Surely many times or every time you wake up you want to know what the weather will be like, it will rain, and it will be cold? You should not worry because as your smartphone can tell you what the temperatures will be recorded in your city during the day, night and prediction for the following days, even weeks.

All this through applications that you can download directly from Google Play Store, so next we will explain on the 4 best Android app to predict the weather, know its main features and install on the mobile phone that best suits your needs.

Best Android Weather Applications

Weather & Widget Clock

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One of the best applications to predict the times according to millions of Android users is Time & Clock Widget, which is one of the most accurate and fast apps found on Google Play. It has the capacity to provide accurate and accurate meteorological information for all cities in the world.

To do this take your location and automatically offers you the current temperature, as well as the humidity of the environment, the weather conditions for the following days, the speed and direction of time. As if that were not enough, you can also place the widget on your screen, for better and faster viewing.

The Weather Channel

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Another Android weather prediction application is The Weather Channel, which offers the best radar maps as well as weather news, local weather forecasts, which can be viewed by the hour, for the next 36 hours and 10 days!!

Within its main features, it is also possible to mention that whenever the current weather conditions are offered, the widget shows the thermal sensation of each one of them. It also has a very simple interface to use and quite user friendly.


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The user experience and opinion plays an important role in choosing an Android application, so one of the most downloaded weather prediction apps is AccuWeather, which was designed in conjunction with Google, to provide the right weather conditions to users.

Among its main features you can mention for example the alerts for your city of snow, wind, rain, thunderstorms, and more. If that were not enough, also forecasts for different lifestyles, i.e. for people with specific health problems, among other interesting options.

Yahoo Weather

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An app that could not miss in the 4 best Android applications to predict the weather, is Yahoo Weather, which has a unique design and interface, since you only have to slide your finger, to get the forecasts you are looking for.

It has an interactive radar, wind and heat maps, detailed weather information that includes forecasts for the next 24 hours and 10 days. As well as the UV index, humidity sensor and rain probability. So you know, these are the 4 apps most recommended by Android users, which one do you think is the best?

Leave a comment with your favorite application to know the weather and the weather in your city, as well as the weather forecast, offered on your tablet or android mobile phone.

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