Shower Curtains

Any home decor just doesn’t get perfect by placing the expensive stuffs inside the room. It needs to be strategically arranged for generating the best view. For example, you can’t just put a huge expensive bed at any random place inside the bedroom and expect the best effect.

It has to be positioned well, so that the other goods can be systematically arranged to generate an overall very good home decor effect. Similar is the case with bathroom as well. A nice shower curtains to shed your bathtub can’t be enough; it has to be accompanied by a nice background effect. Given below are some incredible ideas in this regard.

Best Backgrounds for Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains Backgrounds

The perfect combination of glass and wall:
The purpose of spreading the shower curtains is indeed not simply to add that shedding effect or just to hide your bath tub. On this context, having a background that can highlight your curtain the most would be the best idea. Hence, contemporary interior decorators find the background of glass and wall preferable over having only the walls.

The best recommendation would be to place the bathtub in front of the entrance, but at one end. It means at its back you can find enough space to decorate things. Cover exactly the area behind the bathtub with wall, and the rest portion with transparent wall. You may have the curtains for the transparent portion or not, as per your privacy preference.

A nice lighting arrangement at the top:
As explained above, your entire bathroom decor can be highlighted once the curtain is highlighted. And, the best way to highlight the shower curtains would be to put some light on it. Well, anything can be given an appealing look by putting some extra light on it; same is the case with the curtain as well. All it needs to ensure is that the light beams focus on the curtain well.

You may incline the lighting base in this attempt, so that the focus can be solely on the curtain. No need to go for the extremely colorful lighting though. You may go with the conventional white lights. Talking about the brightness, you don’t really need to make it too bright. It would be an even better idea if you can arrange an explicit light at the background that would focus the shower curtains better, and several others at the other sections of the room.

Keep the background color simple, and different:
This is a handy tip that can heighten your room decor standard, and also combined well with the shower curtains. The best part, you don’t need to expend too much in this regard. Here you just need to select a color for the wall at the back of your bathtub that can mate well with the shower curtains.

Through the process, the overall look for the room can be hiked to a great extent. Select a light color (even grey can work), but it needs to be distinguishing from the color of other three walls.

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