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The microwave is, in all probability, the household appliance that we can most associate with the idea of ​​practicality. It occupies little, is not excessively expensive, works very fast and its energy consumption is ridiculous compared to other appliances in the kitchen.

In fact there are few people who are satisfied with a microwave and do not have conventional oven. Of course, this situation rarely occurs if we talk about families. One of the precautions that everyone should have, and even those who live alone and not often go home, is to have a micro that has a not very small capacity. The price difference is not at all meaningful, but the freedom they can give a few liters more volume is huge.

Best Appliances To Decorate Your Kitchen

kitchen decoration appliances

Having in the kitchen an excessively small microwave, the user can be very … often weighed by this when it comes to cooking. Let’s expand a little on this issue regarding a used appliance as the most. Not in vain is probably the only one that is used several times throughout the day.

Microwave with large capacity

The capacity of a microwave is usually measured in liters. The minimum, with few exceptions, is in 17 liters (the ones are even smaller, but they are already authentic rarities). The maximum is usually in the 40 and it is not usual to find models with more than 40 liters … they would almost be conventional ovens. In any case, logically, families tend to buy bigger ones and those who live alone buy the “minis”.

However, be careful not to arrive, because a model so small as not to contain more than 20 liters will then have many problems when putting the container, but also when the dish turns. Often if it is a nearly full bottle or a large bowl with an appendage, it stalls when it spins and does not spin or worse, the contents can spill.

For all this, I think it risky to buy models that do not reach 25 liters capacity. In addition, no longer because we can have problems with the containers, is that we can have guests and stay very short!

Of course, the microwave capacity in question has in turn a consequence, which is the size it occupies. If we talk about the installation, it is undoubtedly much simpler to install the standalone, simply look for a plug. That yes, it is more “clean” the design of the integral, as it does not interrupt or counter, table or island, besides that in its lower part will not create a pile of crumbs and remains that in the independent will be created unless That we clean that part continuously.

Making dishes cleaner and quicker

It is obvious that cooking with microwaves is the cleanest and fastest option. In addition, the faster the model will be the more energy it has. Moreover, usually has a lot, not less than 1400 watts, when it incorporates the grill function, which also gives us the possibility of browning and gratinar the dishes.

The difference between the conventional microwave grill is that the conventional one operates with a type of radiation that is between the radio waves and the infrared, so that the heat is generated inside the food and goes out instead of entering go inside. The grill would add the form of cooking that has every oven, which is a resistance located on the top that causes the dry heat so characteristic.

Anyway the possibilities of the microwaves go more and more beyond the thawed, the super heated and, as we have just seen, the golden and the gratin, also being able to bake and make confectionery with those that contribute convection.

In addition, functions such as the cooking memory for certain foods, which are already a few years old, add up to other very interesting ones. In my opinion, one of the best is the one that proposes cooking methods based on the weight of the food, which the appliance itself calculates.

Cooking Utensils

Here I leave you a selection of the kitchen tools that I use to make my recipes at home. From small appliances, storage materials, smoothies jugs, to decorative elements to present our nice dishes, once served at the table. I hope these recommendations can help you.

At my house we have always had a Kenwood mixer / kneader that did everything. It was where my mom’s artist made her favorite dishes. I’ll tell you that this mixer still exists and is working, it’s really amazing since it has always been given continuous use.

For a couple of years I have the Kenwood Cooking Chef, it’s an induction cooking robot with the mixer, steam cooker, kneader and food processor included in the same pack, an all-rounder I would say. I was hesitant to buy myself, but I decided on it because I did not need to have so many small appliances in the kitchen. You can also buy the accessories you need, such as the chopper, the refrigerator, to make fresh pasta.

Moreover, regarding kitchen cleanliness, what to say. It is small, easy, and handy, it cleans with ease. if it is not the best appliance in the kitchen, it lacks. By the way, make your kitchen smarter and cleaner with a smart trash can.

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