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Top 8 Best Movies Based on True Stories

You may have seen horror movies based on true stories, lifetime movies based on true stories, scary movies based on true stories, and some inspirational movies based on true stories, but these top 8 movies, which are based on true stories, are really the best movies to watch.

We all love to watch a movie, and we all have different choices. But today, we have mostly seen that producers have made movies based on true stories.

Movies based on true stories attract people and increase their curiosity level to learn about the real story. In Hollywood, you can explore many options for movies based on true stories, whether love-related or history-related.

This way, people get immortalized with real-life moments and memories. Most people also love to watch history movies to learn about old cultures and traditions.

Through such movies, people also come across tragedy, success, and resilience in real life.
It is the reason that most producers prefer to re-create history and old, true stories.

We know that producers also add things from their side to make it more interesting. Who is the reason people love to watch actual stories and movies?

Who has brought a significant change to the movie world and has also made something unique? You can explore the movies of Hollywood, from the wild to the imitation game, with such incredible movies and stories.

8 Best Movies Based on True Stories

Best Movies Based on True Stories

#1. Escape from Alcatraz (1979)

It is the story based on Alcatraz, the most secure prison of that time, based on the island in San Francisco Bay. It is believed that getting out of prison was impossible.

However, three courageous men who escaped from prison proved this to be untrue. Eastwood, Fred Ward, and Jack Thibeau played the roles of these three men and achieved success in 1979.

Even though the escape condition is still in dispute, you can enjoy it by watching a movie. In the story, you can explore facts and fantasies.

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#2. Apocalypse Now (1979)

Apocalypse This is the story based on the life of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (1899). It is the story that happened to the author at that time.

In the movie, you can easily explore the time of the Vietnam War. In the story, you can see Captain Willard, played by the Martian Sheen, sent on a dangerous mission to Cambodia.

There, he had to kill the renegade colonel. Marlon Brando played the role. Marlon Brando has set himself up as a god among the local tribe and assumed he was going crazy.

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#3. The limitation Game (2014)

Whose brilliant Benedict Cumberbatch performance as Sherlock is the basis for the movie? The main story was about the computer scientist Alan Turing.

He tries to crack the Enigma code, which the Nazis used to provide security for their radio messages during WWII.

Turing was very intelligent, but he had one bad point. He thinks that all his colleagues are inferior to him, which creates an issue while working with him.

To solve the issue, he has to overcome both social and mathematical difficulties. Only then can he succeed.

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#4. Into the wild (2007)

It is a true story based on man’s spiritual journey through the natural world. The movie shows the many types of difficulties and conflicts he has to face with the materialistic world.

He wants to be underpinned by all the bonds of life and the norms of society; then only he can enjoy natural world life.

After graduating from Emory University, Christopher Mc Candless, one of the top students and athletes, left all his possessions and donated his savings to the charity to follow his dream. You can explore the legendary story in the movie.

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#5. Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Lawrence of Arabia is a story that reflects the experience of a diplomat and military officer named Thomas Edward Lawrence.

In the movie, you can explore the time of WWI in the Arabian Peninsula. The movie also showed the officer’s emotional struggle and the violence that happened during the war, even when his allegiance was divided into two parts: native Britain and comrades within the Arabian Desert tribes, and his own identity.

When you see the movie, you realize what an epic story it was. You will love to see such a charter man who made a solid decision to overcome all issues.

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#6. Midnight Express (1978)

Who is the true story based on the life of student Billy Hayes? He got caught while smuggling drugs in Turkey when he was an American college student.

Then who put him in prison for many years? He repeatedly tries to break out of prison, but each time he succeeds, the guards catch him and brutally beat him.

The Academy Award awarded the film Best Original Score for its soundtrack in 1979. The movie shows the whole life of Billy and how he has to suffer the torture of the guard in prison.

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#7. Spartacus (1960)

Spartacus is a movie that reflects the story of a free man among his brothers. He was facing a hard life and fighting daily with the wealthiest society in Rome, and he did not have anything for food, even though he did not work and was surrounded by slaves.

This demonstrates that people in poor societies have to be slaves to people in rich societies. Stanley Kubrick directs the movie, and the movie is also known as the best movie reflecting the Roman Empire.

The movie also stated the most famous line, “the most famous slave revolt in history.”. You can explore how he fights for his rights.

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#8. Catch Me If You Can (2002)

In the movie, you will see Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks playing the lead roles. The film reflects the life of Frank Abagnale Jr. The movie shows how he becomes an expert on counterfeit and fraudulent people.

Besides, you can also see how he managed to cash checks for millions of dollars. He played many roles in the movie, such as pilot, doctor, and many others.

The incredible thing about him is that he did all these disguised things before his 19th birthday. He did all these things to bring back the financial condition of his parents.

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