5 Best Places Near Montenegro to Enjoy

Montenegro Road Trip

Montenegro is also one of the most beautiful countries to visit in Europe. You can enjoy few of The Best Places Near Montenegro. Situated along the side of The Adriatic Sea makes, it is famous for beaches, but it’s equally known for the mountain ranges.

Europe is a dream destination for many people because of the variety of experiences it has to offer. Europe is romantic, adventurous, and has aesthetic beauty all at once.

There’s a lot list of countries you can visit, like France, Norway, and Croatia; each has its history and beauty.

Take the flight to Tivat Airport to reach Montenegro, and then hire a car or get into local transport to reach the destination.

If you want to enjoy every piece, Montenegro has to offer, we recommend you rent a rental car because local transport will not be able to reach all the places.

Best Places Near Montenegro

5 Best Places Near Montenegro

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Now once you have your car, it’s time for you to start your road trip and here’s are a few suggestions from us:

Best Montenegro Places

#1. Skadar Lake

It’s the biggest lake in Balkan Peninsula and is famous for its horseshoe bend. It also offers a beautiful view from the top.

#2. Plugins

A plugin is a place located South of Montenegro and Piva. Suppose you want to experience sunrise from the lake surrounded by mountains. This should be your bait.

#3. Sveti Stefan

Looking for a beach, beer, relaxation, and mesmerizing view of the sunset; it’s what this place has to offer.

#4. Budva

It provides the best nightlight life in Montenegro. If you are a party animal, then you should visit this place.

#5. Durmitor National Park

This place provides the best breathtaking mountainous landscape view.

It’s recommended to visit Montenegro from June to September because it’s relatively hot, the views would be best, but it would be a bit expensive too.

If you are looking only to visit the coast, then; you can visit in winter too because its mild winter and the prices would be very cheap.

If you are looking to visit the interior, then; summer is your best bait because the temperatures fall to -15 to -20 degrees with rainfall too.

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