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10 Best places to visit in India with friends

India is a diverse country with many places to visit with friends. From Goa's beaches to Manali's mountains, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

So are you one of those people who have been planning a trip with your friends ever since but couldn’t go on one due to school or studies?

This is the time to finally execute it and collect a Snapchat full of memories to keep with you and smile while remembering them when you grow old.

Friendship day is definitely months away but true friendship doesn’t need a reason to celebrate right?

10 Best places to visit in India with friends

places to visit in India with friends

So here is our itinerary of the best places to visit in India with friends as a token of memories in making. ‘Cause, why now?

Pack your backpacks and get ready for the craziest trip of your life with your besties. No matter where you go, having a trip with your buddies is always a wonderful experience.

So why are you waiting? Check out the best places to visit in India with friends by scrolling down!

#1. Manali

Are you and your friends always been manifesting a trip like Ye Jawani Hai Deewani? Then Manali would definitely be your dream destination.

It is usually the first choice of young visitors because of its happening vibe, scenic mountainous beauty, and Instagram-friendly view and atmosphere.

There are endless things you can do with your friends in Manali like Paragliding, Quad Biking, Wildlife spotting, Trekking, River Rafting, Rappelling, and a lot more.

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#2. Goa

Now undoubtedly visiting Goa is one of the top things on your friend’s Travel Bucket List.

‘Dil Chahta Hai’ destination that makes us crave more to have the fun and surreal experience of a friends’ trip to Goa, which is one of the best places to visit in India with friends.

Like, Duh! There are a million things you can do in Goa with your friends to drive all the blues of mid-life crisis away and create infinite memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Starting from riding bikes and cars on the coastal highways with your fun-loving gang to exploring its nightlife, hitting the best clubs of the place, participating in watersports, or just chilling on the serene beaches.

There’s no better option than a trip to Goa with friends.

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#3. Khandala

Khandala, a hill station close to Mumbai, is one of the greatest places to travel in India with friends. It is a pure paradise during the monsoons.

Khandala is made up of rolling green hills, quiet valleys, cool mountain breezes, and hiking routes that seem to entice the adventure enthusiast and nature lover in you.

Even Amir Khan agrees that it’s the ideal location for your “ghoomna,” “phirna,” “naachna,” “gaana,” and “aish karna.” So what’s stopping you from asking your friends “Aate kya Khandala”?

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#4. Ladakh

Do you know what’s better than a road trip? A road trip to Ladakh. Leh Ladakh is a beautiful road trip destination.

It’s situated in the Himalayas, so when you’re driving there, you get to see amazing views of mountains and valleys.

You’ll also get to stop in small towns along the way, which is always fun—you can explore shops and restaurants and even go on some hikes if you’re feeling adventurous!

You can book hotels for your stay here as well. There are many offbeat things like Trekking (Chadar Trek), visiting or rafting in rivers like the Zanskar river, and sightseeing that you can do in Ladakh with your friends.

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#5. Bangalore

It’s impossible to ignore the throbbing energy that fills Bangalore. The area’s vivid attractiveness is a result of the scenic beauty, numerous attractions, and lovely weather.

There are various fascinating places in the city that only serves to heighten its allure, and it is advisable to explore them with your cool group of friends.

After all, what better way to take advantage of the city’s fascinating charms than to check into Bangalore Hotels and then go out and paint the town red with your friends?

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#6. Pushkar

The holy city of Pushkar, also known as the Rose Garden of Rajasthan is not just an ideal place for devotees and spiritual seekers but also for backpackers and photographers who come to experience the peaceful aura and vibrancy of this destination.

The calm atmosphere and the rooftop restaurants offer peaceful sunset views. You can visit Puskar Lake, Go Hiking, or on a Hot Air Balloon ride, and can also witness the Evening Aarti.

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#7. Jaipur

The Pink City of India is also one of the best places to visit in India with friends who have a keen interest in history or culture. The city has beautiful ancient forts and palaces like Nahargarh Fort and Hawa Mahal that are sure to give you a fabulous experience.

You can also indulge in some local shopping of a variety of famous things of Rajasthan like handicrafts, block printed fabrics, jewellery, and leather items, and also have a taste of the famous Rajasthani cuisine.

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#8. Nainital

The lake district of India welcomes groups of adventure seekers and water buddies with its arms wide open. The main attraction in this place is the Naini Lake, where boating is one of the best activities.

Another is a horseback ride up to the highest point, Naina Peak. You can just take in the beautiful beauty of the magical setting and the magnificent Himalayas that surround it with your pals.

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#9. Lonavala

One of the favourite getaway locations for Mumbaikars is Lonavala. The spectacular landscapes and flourishing vegetation are undoubtedly travelling magnets.

The monsoon season, when the flora is at its most alluring, is the ideal time to visit Lonavala. Your journey to this hill station will be delightful because of the abundance of places to see in Lonavala.

Visit Kune Falls and Lonavala Lake to name a few of the places you can’t definitely miss on your trip with friends.

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#10. Bhangarh

Do your group also have a dare-devil friend who talks about be-friending ghosts? Then Bhangarh Fort is undoubtedly the best place for you to experience some serious adrenaline rush and heart pump.

Located in Alwar, this place is one of the best places to visit in India with friends to get a spooky thrill. You can take a village tour and can also go boating or wildlife safari in Sariska.

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So which of these top destinations in India for friends’ trips are you heading to first? Your friends will definitely love a trip to these places.

As a Bonus, sharing with you that the Goa and Bangalore hotels are the best to spend time in & enjoy, even if you wanna skip sightseeing for a day.

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