Best Destinations in the World to Travel

The entire world is a real treasure where one can easily enjoy watching out fascinating destination with his/her loved ones. Summer vacations are ahead now, and almost we all have set for vacation’s schedule now. The most challenging part of any vacation planning is the selection of a perfect place.

Most of the time people go for using expert opinions and also go for facing out the various current trends to add up some more in the evaluating sights, cultures, food scenes, scenic beauty and much more. The Nomadvisor is one of the most beautiful travel blog being dedicated for the independent travelers that will let you know about the various aspects of traveling including the site selection as well. Below is the list of top 5 travel destinations of the world that a true traveler needs to explore out at least once in a life.

5 Travel Destinations of The World

Travel Destinations of World


Paris is the home of love and a perfect blend of art, culture, tourism, and history that attracts millions of tourists towards it every year. It is the city of lights where you can easily enjoy the Louvre art museum, the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees. It is a land of various fun festivals where life seems to be at its extreme ever.


Coming up with the home of wealth, culture, and historical monuments, London is one of the most beautiful cities of the entire world that takes away the heart of millions of tourists. British Museum, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Tower Bridge, and the Big Ben are the center of attraction here that surely one needs to visit. Moreover, one can also enjoy riding various public transit options such as buses and tubes as well as quite affordable price ranges.


Exploring out the home of delicious food such as pasta, pizza, excellent wine, and coffee Rome is an enriching and exciting place to explore on. Moreover, beautiful art and history from the various exciting places is something that will attract several people out there. Borghese, Colosseum, Vatican City, St. Peter’s Basilica and Sistine Chapel are some of the beautiful destinations that one surely needs to visit out here.


If you love to explore the real hidden gems, Prague needed to be on your priorities for various good reasons. The place is not only famous for its beautiful architectural landmarks and beautiful scenery alone, but it is a location of charming neighborhoods and friendly localities that take away the highlights every time you visit it. Old Town Square, Prague Castle and Dancing House are one of the most beautiful places here. It is one of the most affordable areas of Europe that holds the capacity of pleasing everyone who visited it.

Banff, Alberta

If you are a real outdoor enthusiastic, Banff is going to be one of the priority in your bucket list. It is a national park well surrounded by a series of Rocky Mountains that is a hub for various exciting games such as hiking, whitewater rafting, caving, skiing, dog sledding and snowshoeing, etc.

The scenic views are just breathtaking, with a full chance to explore the wildlife.