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It’s always a good thing when you decide to start living healthy by keeping fit and it’s even a better idea when you have a personal trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals. Having a trainer is usually quite beneficial especially when it comes to keeping you motivated in the gym and also holding you accountable in anything you are doing towards improving your fitness levels.

These people can also help you to get the most out of your training sessions and keep you safe from any injuries during your training. This will allow you to stay consistent which also leads to getting better results. Anyway, this journey is often not that easy, you can achieve your fitness goals or end up just wasting your money on something that won’t work.

How To Find Top Personal Trainer

This is why you need to make sure you choose the right trainer. Since there are too many of them usually available, it might be a bit difficult to get a good one. However, the following tips might be able to help.

How To Hire Personal Trainer


When it comes to matters that deals with your health, you shouldn’t be allowing any excuses. A good personal trainer should be able to provide you with a few credentials that will prove he or she is qualified to be a personal trainer.

Well, for you to be qualified and become a professional in this field, you need to have undergone certain training and passed an exam from a well-recognized organization like The American Council of Exercise or The National Strength and conditioning Association.

This will enable you to fully ascertain that the person you are looking forward to hire has met the required standards and gained a great level of competence from a credible organization. For those in Vancouver, you can also go for the professionals like Hilltop Academy Personal Training Certification BC to be qualified.


This is also an important aspect when hiring a personal trainer. It’s quite obvious that a person who has been in the game for some time will most probably be better than a rookie, right?

This is because he or she has several techniques and knows what can work and what can’t by now. This is what we call experience.

It’s always recommended to go for an experienced trainer as it is always a risk working with someone who’s just starting. This might just save you both some time and money.


Most of these people who have done great things or achieved their dreams usually have one thing in common. They were always motivated. Motivation is a very important tool when it comes training in the gym.

You should check their personality to see if it’s what you want to work with. Some trainers would usually just cheer you up while others prefer to go full military on their clients.

Anyway, if whatever you see is what you think will work for you and help you reach your target then proceed with the plan.

The philosophy

Although many people don’t often ask about this, it is a very key thing to every personal training program and can also have a major impact on the experience you are going to have with personal training.

You need to know how the trainer is going to conduct the program, how he’s going to prepare for it and also on what beliefs is he going to base this program on. Are you going to be training outside? Will there be any machines required or you’re just going to be using the free waits?

These are some of the questions you will need to know the answers to before hiring the trainer as they enable you to pick the one suitable for your needs.


Well, this might go both ways. However, unless you are targeting the whole body, you should consider going for someone that is quite experienced and is well specialized when it comes to working out a particular body section.

This means that you will be given some very specific workouts or exercises that are quite effective and can help you achieve your end goal within the shortest period of time possible.

hiring personal trainer

The cost

This has brought problems in the past and many people have been in trouble just because of it. I’m talking about the money. It is important to always know what you are going to be charged for the services you need before you even start receiving the services.

Well, as said before, different personal trainers will always have different levels of experience, specialties and also uses different techniques in their training programs. This is exactly why they will also have different rates.


This is why it is always important to check your budget first before you even start looking for personal trainers. Most of them usually charge hourly. However, you can also find those that allow for some discount when you buy bulk packages.


Inquiring about your trainer’s availability wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. When it comes to working out to achieve a great level of fitness, you will need to be more consistent with your training hence making it important to always be aware of your trainer’s schedule.

Try to find out how many clients the trainer has and check if he is always booked, check whether his program-me is fixed or can regularly change.

Also, check whether you will be required to book your appointments in advance. Finally, make sure to ask your trainer about his or her cancellation policy.


As important as this point is, it will always come down to what you prefer personally depending on your tendencies and habits.

It will be great if you are willing to drive yourself to the gym if you stay at some distance or you might as well enroll in one that’s near your home or even near your work place so that you are able to just walk when it’s time to train.

Well, people will often prefer to train in different places for instance, a public gym, a fitness studio where you can be able to receive a one on one approach and others would love to train privately at the comfort of their home.

Either way, you will always be able to get a personal trainer that will work with you at any location of your preference. Click here to see some benefits of having a personal trainer.

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