Home Appliances in Australia

In your home, the most important interior products are the electrical appliances. You have a plethora of both small and large appliances to use in your daily life.

Out of these refrigerators, television, air conditioners, washing machines, etc are the most common ones.

But, what are the best companies in Australia which provide good appliances with great home appliance services? Here is a list of top appliance brands you can buy an appliance from.

Home Appliances Brands of Australia

Home Appliances Brands


It is an air conditioner company doing a fantastic job in marketing itself as a brand supported by Mark Tubby to stay at the top of sales charts since a decade. Additionally with this brand marriage of the two, Fujitsu General has enhanced market penetration over Garry Rogers’ sponsorship for Motorsport Fujitsu Racing in the V8 Supercars.


Even after transferred to Slovenian hands, the Swedish brand Asko enjoys strong place in the wet appliance lists. On one hand the rivals are struggling with the laundry and dishwasher manufactures and on the other Asko’s record have been fabulous.

The company is releasing niche appliances like asthma washing machines, outdoor dishwasher, cementing its position in the industry. You can call their expert professionals for appliance repairs in Brisbane whenever required.

Fisher & Paykel

The in-depth impact of Haier’s purchase of Fisher&Paykel is not yet completely discovered. There’s time to realise whether the Chinese ownership will depreciate customer reliability on the second most popular appliance brand.

Despite these arguments, the focus should be around F&P gaining good position up the ladder by introducing the Stylish Companion Range and making investments for research and development. In addition to this, the company has got premium presence in the market.


Nespresso is the favourite of all, of course not every company has the tendency to enhance their association so smooth and have George Clooney as its brand ambassador. What make Nespresso accessible is the smartphone apps, a club, an optimised website, and high street boutiques.

Besides this, the delicious blends and fantastic packaging makes it the best morning coffee on a stressful day.


Years ago when Melbourne Cup was prevailing, Bill O-Brien and Harry Norville were developing the to-be Australia’s best home-grown appliance brand. Initially Breville focused on its competency of small appliances and then by adding manual coffee machines completed its attractive product cache.

The brand believes in doing everything right as giving perfect meaningful names to its products, maintaining an impressive website and spreading consistent brand message.


It is the most loved vacuum cleaner providers in the country. Journalists always stay curious to compare its performance, design, philosophy and positioning to Apple and so do their (Dyson) engineers.

Both the companies work will a similar motive of making our lived easier and smoother by creating great products. The goal is not only making money and being successful but winning hearts as well.

They have expanded their business by adding floorcare and hand-dryers to the product list.

These were the top appliance brands in Australia which are known for their excellent products and excellent service of appliance repairs in Brisbane.

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