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Research conducted in early 2018 has suggested that people around the globe prefer to read unbiased news reporting, but most consumers of popular newspapers and websites are still determining if their preferred news media is impartial in its reporting.

Pew Research Center conducted this survey across 38 countries, including the UK.

In addition to the preferences, participants of the survey were also asked about how the current news media fares on this front.

Data collected from the public was seen to be in favor of dissatisfaction with the media sources present; people are of the general opinion that the media doesn’t deliver- the political reporting, especially, is highly biased.

This is where the British Herald comes in – established in 1860, and the British Herald brand name was finally restructured and revived in 2018 as an online news platform and eMagazine.

The British Herald intended to survey audience preferences and deliver accordingly- hence, the brand always reports news unbiasedly.

British Herald believes everyone is entitled to their own opinion and caters to that need through its efficient and responsible news curation and delivery methods.

The British Herald team, in contrast to other large media houses, surveys news from across the globe and reports it professionally and acceptably. Opinions aren’t thrust upon their readers, and reporting is professional and to the point.

Another advantage of the British Herald is its digital presence- the ability to influence and deliver news to readers worldwide. The brand must be responsible enough to give its readers detailed information while being able to make its content relatable to all global readers.

Yet another thing that sets British Herald apart from its contemporaries is the international team working under the banner of British Herald- the team can survey what’s appropriate and what’s not.

Quality content is the cornerstone of the company’s guiding principle, and this is only possible if it caters unbiased to a global readership.

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Digital technology has effectively taken over every aspect of our lives- and how we ingest news is one of them. News habits are changing daily, and though it isn’t easy to cater to a global readership, British Herald effectively treads the balance.

With the advent of smartphones, the news is literally at one’s fingertips; conventional newspapers have been pushed aside. Get the information as it happens- such is the world nowadays.

Another thing that has been made apparent in the study mentioned above is the age groups that consume news through digital sources.

Younger people, whose opinions are more pliable and easily molded, are more likely to get their news from online sources. This is why all information online must not be opinionated. An unbiased approach must be the norm.

Dissatisfaction among consumers is a global problem- they do not want opinions to be forced upon them.

They prefer to read news delivered from a neutral outlook; gaining a bird’s eye perspective on the hot topics around the world from an unbiased viewpoint allows people to form their own opinions and judgment.

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