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Always wanted to build those muscles big? You should add something to your training regime to achieve that goal.

Created by visionary strength and conditioning coach Charles Staley the Escalating Density Training is the simplest way to build more muscles in less time.

Unlike many other training programs, escalating density training is designed to aim to grow the muscles bigger.

It is not a strength training program. But it gives fat burning effect due to its pace.

EDT Training Program: Escalating Density Training

EDT: Escalating density training is about increasing the density of your workouts by escalating the number of reps in time, trying to break your personal record.

In principle, escalating density training is pairing two exercises in a superset and doing these alternatively for fifteen to twenty minutes. The pair of practices must be antagonistic, like a push or pull.

Escalating Density Training

You need to do each movement for five to six repetitions, then rest for 30-40 seconds, and then perform the other action in the pair for the same repetitions.

Continue alternating for fifteen minutes. You can lower the rest time in the later stages of the routine.

Many articles talk about building muscles fast, but only a few explain EDT.

A detailed guide for EDT program can be found here Escalating Density Training.

You can use dumbbells, barbells, cables or bodyweight exercises to pair up and form your EDT combo. The pair must include two activities that are opposing in motion.

These reciprocal innervations allow you to put in real work. Working the opposing muscles in one exercise will freshen up the muscles needed for the other exercise in the pair.

This allows you to increase the density of your efforts.

The step by step approach to Escalating Density Training:

Many exercise combos can be found for Escalating Density Training. But EDT is much more than just pairing two exercises. From choosing the correct combos to performing it the way it should be, here are some steps you should follow.

Density Training Guide

  • Choose the pair of antagonistic exercises that works for the opposing muscle group. You cannot pair up bicep curls with squats. This combo may give you their results, but you won’t be doing EDT. So we must combine pull and press movements such as Bicep Curls and Tricep extensions.
  • If you are doing barbell, dumbbell or cable exercises, choose the weight of approximately eighty per cent of your one rep max or your ten rep max. If you cannot complete fifty reps overall with this weight, consider reducing it by five to ten per cent.
  • Use a timer and set it for fifteen minutes. Or twenty minutes, depending on your training level.
  • Perform five to six reps of each exercise in an alternating manner. Rest for thirty seconds and repeat. Keep doing that till the time runs out. You can let the number of reps in a set drop as you fatigue. The goal is to perform as many repetitions of both exercises as possible in pre-decided time, which is fifteen or twenty minutes.
  • After finishing, note down the total number of repetitions performed. If this is our first time doing EDT, then this number is your record (or PR). Every time you do this combo next, your aim must be to bit this PR to set a new one.
  • Take rest for a few minutes after completing this block of fifteen minutes. Then you can move to the next block. Beginners should start with one day a week for EDT, but if you are in good shape and possess the required muscle strength, you follow this training three days a week.

This is how you keep increasing the density of your exercise while escalating to break your total reps PR.

Go try the new regime called Escalating Density Training:

They still need clarification about which workout combos you can make for escalating density training. Here are some ideas for the workout pairs you can try.

Density Training Exercise

  • Pushups and Pull-ups
  • Deadlift and Floor Press
  • Bicep Curls and Tricep extensions
  • Bench Press and Rows
  • Leg Extension and Leg Curl
  • Front Squats and Dips
  • Front Squat and Back Extension
  • Lat Pulldown and Triceps Pushdown
  • Back Squat and Chin-ups

Why you should choose escalating density training:

This is the method to grow your muscles bigger and faster. Besides being one of the best training programs to help you get that beast body, you always dreamt of, and this is also a fun challenge.

As it is easily measurable, you can challenge yourself in a well-quantified way. It does not contain complicated routines; it is just a simple and effective way to mass-build.

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