Moving To Canada
Moving To Canada

Canada and Australia, both countries welcome immigrants who fit in their skill demand criteria. So the answer to the question first depends on the applicant’s eligibility criteria and then their choice. Both the countries have an excellent environment for health & education, low crime rate and reasonable rights for immigrants.

Both the countries have rising economies and immense job opportunity for talented people. Though the weather in both the countries is different and so as the job opportunities. There are many immigration consultancy services that can help you with immigration process to these two countries.

Immigration to Australia:

Australia is being an ideal destination for skilled immigrants from last many years and migrating to Australia can totally change one’s life. Any immigrants, especially from Asian and Middle-east countries will find immense work opportunity by migrating to Australia if they have required qualification in their specific fields. Strong economy of this country is perfect for immigrants to pursue a good professional and family life.

To migrate there, you can opt for a number of visas depending on your skills and other points. Applicants need to submit the Expression of Interest (EOI) and receive an invitation by Skill Select to apply for these below discussed visa types. These visas point based and one need to score adequate points to grant immigration permission under these categories.

1# Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)
Any qualified professional who did not receive any sponsorship from any employer or relative and also have not been nominated by any state can opt for this visa. Eligibility and granting immigration under this category is strictly point based.

2# Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)
The subclass 190 visa is for the professionals who have received a nomination from any Australian a state or territory government agency. Granting of visa applications under this category allows immigrants to reside & work in Australia as a permanent resident.

3# Skilled Regional Visa (Provisional) (Subclass 489)
This is a temporary visa for skilled professionals which allow immigrants to stay in Australia for four years. This visa is applicable for the profession in demand in any province or territory of the country.

Canada Immigration from India:

Now moving to the Canada immigration, here also you can opt for various types of visas as per your qualification and scored points. Visa consultants can guide you through the immigration process better. Scoring of points depends on education, language ability, work experience, and age and much more. Financial funding ability is also an important point considered under this visa category. The candidates also have to undergo a medical examination and police clearance checks to be assessed under these visa categories.

1# Business Visa
To apply under this category, the applicants have to manage a business with creating jobs in the Canadian society. The required Business value must be a net worth of 300,000 Canadian dollars in total. To apply under Investor Program scheme, the applicants must have a minimum of 800,000 Canadian dollars of which he/she have to show the willingness of investing half of the money. Management experience in the related business field is also must to apply under this category.

2# Family Class Sponsorship
If you have any relatives who are Permanent Resident of Canada then you can apply under this category. The relative has to show that they have sufficient funding to support you fully for three years.

3# Living Care Giver
If you have experience in care giving industry such as nursing or child care then you can apply under this category. No high level of education is necessary to apply under this category. You will be required to live with your employer for the first 2 years of immigration and then only you will be able to apply for PR.

4# Student Visa
You can enter Canada as a student as well if you have admitted to a university or college and have enough fund to financially support yourself during the coursework. You will have the permission to work on-campus or you can also get permission to work off-campus under this visa. Upon completion of the study, you can apply for work permit and then after few years, you will be eligible to apply for PR.

5# Work Permit
You can apply under this category only if you have a job offer from an employer or organization. The offer should specify that you will get enough wages to support yourself and your family. A work permit is mostly given for 1-2 years, after which you will be required to renew it until you get a PR.

So, depending on the situation and your choice, you can apply for any of these countries but it is advisable that you seek professional guidance from expert immigration agent before starting the application process.