crosswalk accidents

Accidents involving pedestrians are common in many cities and can cause long-lasting damage to the victims.

The effects of crosswalk accidents affect people physically, emotionally, and economically. Personal injury lawyers help the affected parties to get fair compensation.

Many factors cause crosswalk accidents. These are:

Improper crossing of the road

Some pedestrians do not observe safety measures when crossing the road. Many crosswalk accidents occur when a person crosses the road elsewhere on the street not designated.

Others may try to cross the road a minute before the traffic lights change to red. When a pedestrian crosses the wrong places, the driver may not have sufficient time to react, causing an accident.

In some instances, the pedestrian may behave negligently and cause a collision, and in such a case, the driver could hire an accident attorney to represent them in court.

Poor vision

Reduced visibility may increase the likelihood of crosswalk accidents such as pedestrians wearing dark clothes at night, poor weather conditions, bright lights that make a pedestrian fail to see clearly, and poor headlights on a vehicle.

The responsible parties for poor vision could be motorists or pedestrians, and both parties should exercise caution when on the roads to prevent accidents.

Failure to respect the right of way

It is commendable that road users yield right of way. If a traffic signal directs a pedestrian to proceed on the crosswalk, drivers should give way and allow them to cross.

Failure to honor this requirement leads to traffic violations. Children may run on the road without considering the right of way, causing fatal accidents.

Drivers may lack time to prevent the occurrence. Parents should be keen when walking with their children and educate them on the basics of road use.

Use of alcohol and other drugs

The use of drugs alters the judgment of both drivers and pedestrians. Drunk motorists or pedestrians have a rough time using the road and can cause fatal accidents.

Most of these accidents are experienced in urban areas where there are many pedestrians and vehicles.

Children and the elderly are at the most risk of crosswalk accidents. Therefore, safety precautions should be upheld when using roads.

It is commendable to cross streets at designated intersections and avoid using electronic devices such as headphones when using the road.

You can also increase visibility at night by putting on reflective clothing and using a flashlight.

The use of alcohol and drugs can cause coordination problems and distractions; hence, it should be avoided when using the road.

It would help if you walked on sidewalks instead of the road to prevent the likelihood of accidents.

How a Crosswalk Attorney Can Help

The legal proceedings relating to crosswalk accidents can be difficult to handle. It would help if you had the expertise of a lawyer to help in the lawsuit.

First, there is a need to prove the negligence of the other party. Drivers are expected to observe safety measures when using the road as not to harm other road users.

When an accident occurs, you need to prove that the motorist’s negligence resulted in the injury. Proving these facts to court can be difficult, especially if you are still nursing injuries.

The plaintiff has to show evidence that they suffered damage as a result of the accident. It includes presenting evidence to establish the losses and costs, such as medical reports.

Therefore, it is vital to hire a legal expert with broad knowledge and experience in representing personal injury cases. You may ask the lawyer several questions before hiring them to find out about their specialization and experience.

Crosswalk accident lawyers will help you obtain compensation and damages for the lost income, medical bills, permanent injuries, pain, and suffering.

If a family member lost their life in an accident, the attorney would help you file a wrongful death claim. They understand legal terms better and will lead you to successful suits.

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Causes of Crosswalk Accidents and How an Attorney Can Help 1
Causes of Crosswalk Accidents and How an Attorney Can Help 2