lava cakes

Lava cakes are usually a form of appraising and sweet dessert. It is a very popular cake which is generally made with the ingredients of flour-less chocolate cake. Lava cakes are normally flooded with chocolate fudge. These cakes are called as chocolate lava cake and chocolate fondant. Lava cakes are mostly made in Udaipur. Order cake in Udaipur and get the luscious and quality made lava cake with free delivery.

Molten lava cake

Molten lava cake is very luscious and delectable in taste. One cannot resist himself to taste molten lava cake. Molten lava cake is generally made with the combination of egg yolks, bittersweet chocolate, flour, almonds oil and baking powder. Bakers also add some sweet spices to make the molten lava cake very appetising.

Classic chocolate molten lava cake

Yummiest chocolate molten cake is almost everyone’s favourite. As it is made with the everyone’s favorite ingredient “chocolate”. You can surprise your parents on their silver jubilee with this sweet dessert. Bakers make the cake very succulent with some species like chocolate nuts, walnuts, raspberries, cherries and other such sweetened foods or items.

Lemon lava cake

Very appetising and mouth watering lemon lava cake. It is usually made with the lemon syrup, flour, unsalted butter, milk powder, Chocolate nuts and baking powder. Usually the lemon lava cake is garnished with walnuts, cherries and other such sweetened ingredients that make the taste of cake very yummy.

Chocolate and peanut butter lava cake

Chocolate and peanut butter lava cake is an immensely beautiful cake and it’s taste is also very good and delectable. Buy this succulent cake from Udaipur bakers. The main ingredients of this lava cake are chocolate and peanut butter.  Bakers add a lot of peanut butter and chocolate fudge to satisfy the customers greatly. Sometimes to decorate the lava cake bakers wholly cover the cake with chocolate sauce for its more appetising taste.

Chocolate raspberry lava cake

Chocolate raspberry lava cake is very much scrumptious and appetising in taste. Make your best friends bday special with this chocolate raspberry lava cake. It is made typically with the mixture of dark chocolate fudge, almond extract, vegetable oil, self raising flour, cocoa powder and chopped sweet chocolate bites. In addition this amazing cake is decorated with sweet raspberries, chocolate sauce and fruit jams to make the taste of raspberry cake more delectable.

Red velvet Chocó lava cake

Extremely delectable and sweet tasty red velvet Chocó lava cake very greatly excites youngsters and kids too. Children and youngsters are actually fond of chocolates and dried fruits. This cake is amazingly made with flour, eggs, cocoa powder, chocolate fudge, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, vanilla extract, granulated sugar, baking soda and vegetable oil. Moreover, bakers cover the top of lava cake with chocolate sauce and fudge and some cherries are putted on the cake for decoration.

Enjoy this succulent and amazing lava cake. You can send cake to Udaipur if any kind of problem and foul smell in cake is noticed by you. Udaipur bakers will redeliver the new fresh cake.

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