MOR Testing Machine

With the popularity of ceramic tiles as flooring, roof tops, home décor, laboratory testing equipment and as complex mosaics. But this popularity also means the market is crowded with cheap and low quality ceramics which do not serve the purpose efficiently.

So how to be sure that you have the best ceramic tiles for use? The answer to this crisis is a MOR testing machine. Interested to know about this advanced machinery? Let us check out.

What is a Tile Abrasion Testing Machine?

Tile Abrasion Testing Machine, MOR or Modulus of Rupture testing machine is an advanced ceramic tiles testing device which can also be used to gauge the quality of,

How To Use Tile Abrasion Testing Machine

MOR Testing Machine

  • Concrete roof tiles
  • Ceramic tiles and plates
  • Cement prisms and mortar prisms
  • Plaster prisms and gypsum prisms

MOR Testing Machines operate on the principle of pneumatic engineering. These can be used for testing both glazed and un-glazed tiles of all shapes and sizes.

Some of the unique features of a Tile Abrasion Testing Machine are

The Tile Abrasion Testing Machine are available in various standard and customized forms, but all with the below mentioned specifications-

  • Variable capacity which approximately ranges between 50/500 kgf or 100/1000 kgf.
  • The minimal count has to be 0.1 kgf and the maximum count can be 1 kgf.
  • Most of the high quality MOR testing machines available in the market ensure an accuracy level of 0.2% of full scale.

A Tile Abrasion Testing Machine is composed of the following parts

The load frame

The lower and the upper platen of the device come with couple of rollers. These rollers are adjustable to increase or decrease the gap as and when required.

The digital load indicator

This is a micro-processor based load indicator which is installed on the pumping unit. As load is placed on the MOR machine the indicator showcases the amount of load and generates an alarm when the maximum capability of the device is exceeded.

The motorized pumping unit

This is the life of the MOR testing machine. It is operated by electricity and placed separately in a cubicle.


The machine comes with on and off switches with which the MOR testing machine can be controlled remotely. There is also a micro and relay switch fitted at the digital load indicator which can safeguard the system from overloading.


The slow and fast levers control the rate of loading of the MOR. This is fitted at the front panel of the pumping unit. There is also an auto-reverse and auto-stop facility available which can help in auto-completion of the test.

How is a Tile Abrasion Testing Machine beneficial?

So why use a MOR testing machine to check the quality of the product in use? MOR testing machine can help you by measuring the.

Tensile strength

Tensile strength refers to the power of a material to remain unbreakable when placed under extreme pressure. A ceramic tiles is supposed to have ten times more tensile strength than any metal like aluminum. The MOR testing machine can tell you how much the weight the tiles can take.

Bending strength

This is an important feature which all ceramic tiles should possess. A MOR testing machine assists you in checking the flexural breaking load of sample bars or ceramic tiles. It has the capacity to check tiles of thickness 700 mm square; a three point load is applied on the test piece for testing purpose.

Get the below mentioned additional accessories to enhance the performance of the Ceramic Tiles Testing Equipment.

  • Standard PC Software which can help in easy recording of the condition of the tiles before and after the test. The test results can be kept for future use and can even be modified when needed.
  • Closed loop programmable servo mechanism with position feedback (encoder) system which can help you capture any mechanical feedback with ease.

So get a MOR testing machine from a premium company to ensure that you are having the best grade tiles for production.

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