Charles Archibald Laurie Bio

Charles Archibald Laurie is a well-known actor. Charles is a British performer or actor and has acted in famous films.

His father belongs to a Scottish family, and his mother belongs to Ashkenazi Jewish (from Poland and Russia, Indian, English, and Irish), Scottish descent family.

The Charles Archibald Laurie was born eight months before Jo Green, and Hugh Laurie was tied a knot or married. Read this article completely to know more about Charles Archibald Laurie’s Family, Bio, Height, Relationship, Salary, Unknown Facts, and many more.

Charles Archibald Laurie Bio and Family

Charles Archibald Laurie

Charles Laurie was born on 18 November 1988,and the birthplace is London, England, United Kingdom. His father’s name is James Hugh Calum Laurie, and his mother’s name is Joanne Green.

Charles has one brother (William Albert Laurie) and one sister (Rebecca Augusta Laurie). William Albert (brother) was born in 1991, and his sister Rebecca was born in 1993.

His grandparent’s names are Ran Laurie and Patricia Laurie. The horoscope of Charles Archibald Laurie is Scorpio.

In addition to Britain (United Kingdom), Charles Archibald Laurie’s family belongs to India, Ireland, Poland, and Russia. The eyeshade of Charles Archibald Laurie is Dark Brown, and the hair shade is dark brown.

Being British citizenship, he belongs to a Scottish family. He has one uncle (Charles Alexander Lyon Mundell Laurie) and two aunts (Susan Laurie and Janet Laurie).

Charles Archibald Laurie’s father is popular for his unbelievable act in the third and fourth season of the famous television series (Blackadder).

Charles Archibald Laurie’s father: Hugh Laurie

James Hugh Calum Laurie

James Hugh Calum Laurie is the father of Charles Archibald. He is a very popular English actor, musician, singer, director, and author.

James Hugh Calum is well-known for his performance on the Fox medical show titled House. The show started in 2004 and ended in 2012, and House television show was famous in the TV industry.

More than that, James Hugh Calum got two Golden Globe Awards for his performance. He was also nominated for more rewards.

Jo Green (Mother)

Jo Green is the mother of Charles Archibald Laurie and worked as a drama manager in the year of 1980, and she tied the knot with the most popular actor and writer (Hugh Laurie), and both married on 16 June 1989 in the Camden region of the UK.

Hugh Laurie and Jo Green have three kids (Charles, Rebecca, and William), and Charles Laurie is the first child. Both Charles and Rebecca acted first time on the popular television series.

Charles Archibald Laurie- Career and Unknown Facts

Charles Laurie’s career was tiny in the TV industry. He acted in a few shows and seemed in minimal roles (A Bit of Fry and Laurie).

He worked in the best roles when he was a kid. Also, he was not in the headlines because of various personal reasons. Charles Laurie’s Hugh was first seen for his act in ‘A Bit of Fry and Laurie.’

After that, he gained fame for his breakout act in the third and fourth television series of Blackadder.

Charles Archibald Laurie- Salary (Net Worth)

The famous Charles Laurie made headlines, not because of his profession but his father (James Hugh Calum Laurie). Charles Archibald Laurie’s father had acted in many films but could not provide his breakthrough performance, which could start his career as a movie actor.

Besides, he got two Golden Globe Awards and also selected for many other awards. In addition to his father, Hugh Laurie has total assets of $ 40 million. Besides, he also got a salary of $700 thousand per event.

He has reached more than $400,000; per episode, made him the extremely finest-paid television actor.

Charles Archibald Laurie Married or Not

According to sources, Charles Archibald Laurie is not married, and he doesn’t like to reveal his relationship with social media. Famous Charles Archibald Laurie never made headlines because of his personal life or relationship.

Stay connected with this page to get the latest updates about Charles Archibald Laurie’s relationship.

Final Words

Charles Laurie is the first child of extremely popular TV actor James Hugh Laurie and Jo Green. He was famous for his small TV show (A Bit of Fry and Laurie).

Nowadays, Charles Archibald Laurie has nothing to do in his life. According to the latest news and sources, he is spending a good life in England.

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