Chinese Gender Chart

There are more ways than you can imagine when predicting the sex of a child before it is born. Chinese Gender Chart is one of the best way to predict baby’s gender.

While there is the modern-day procedure of USG which can medically determine the gender of your child after the first trimester under medical supervision, there are other less scientific processes to which claim to successfully determine the sex of a child the mother is carrying.

Chinese Gender Chart Predictor

While some people opt not to go for a sex determination process, there are countries where it is banned due to high instances of female foeticide.

So people often tend to fall back on old myths and legends which claim to tell the gender of a child. One such gender prediction tool that has gained real popularity recently is the Chinese Gender Predictor for Baby.

Which is a prediction chart which is believed to have been developed in medieval China. It is said that this chart could predict and foretell and accurately determine the gender of a child which was yet to be conceived.

The Emperors used to refer to their high priests, who in turn would fall back upon the Chinese gender prediction chart to tell the exact date and month of conception, which would result in a male heir to the throne.

The Chinese gender predictor chart had disappeared in modern-day China, only to have been rediscovered again some decades later in Europe!

Today, many parents prefer this chart more for fun than actual predictions to see whether or not they can manage to conceive a child of their choice.

There are many variations to this chart, but the basic working principle remains the same- you will need to provide the mother’s age, take a look at the lunar month of conception, and that will tell you the gender of your child!

Best Ways to Predict Baby’s Gender

Apart from the Chinese gender chart, there are other ways, some well-known, some less popular ones, which can determine the gender of your child. Let’s take a look at some of them:

One way suggests that if you sprinkle some salt over a pregnant woman’s head when she is asleep, then take special note of the first person’s name that she takes when she wakes up.

It is believed that she will have a child of the gender of the person of whom she says the name! Another theory suggests that if you put your right leg forward first when you walk, you are more likely to have a boy than a girl.

A prevalent belief in almost every religious custom and corner of the world is that if you have a heavy bump in the lower abdomen, you will have a boy, and if your bump is more towards the upper side, then it will be a girl!

These are some ancient customs and beliefs that have survived the passage of time. Believe them or not, you can try out some just for fun!

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