Best Sofa Styles

Gone is the need to jump from one furniture store to another, with just the click of your mouse you can have your desired sofa delivered and set up for you.

Your favorite series is on, maybe the movie you missed at the theater is on the tele, or maybe you just want to kick back and relax- for your luxury (or just pure otiose) the latest sofa designs from urban ladder is here with the sofa you might just need.

Best Sofa Style To Buy in 2020

#1. The Sectional Sofa

If you’re a fan of arranging your couch your own way- it’s one of the best options. A multi-piece sofa, it can be arranged any way you deem fit for your purpose- Comfort. Most common configurations include the L-shaped and the U-Shaped.

It’s great for hosting guests. Born in the Victorian era the sectional sofa started out as joining two or three sofas together, nowadays they come with fixtures allowing you to work out your preferred configuration. Another advantage? They are really easy to move.

best sofa style

#2. The Chesterfield

Fan of antique designs? This will satisfy your taste for classy furniture. The 4th Earl of Chesterfield, England commissioned a couch where a gentleman can sit without getting his attire wrinkled, yet be comfortable while sitting upright.

Famous for its “tufted” design this sofa is still highly popular.

#3. The Divan

If you have a wall unoccupied, push this sofa against it. It does not feature a back, thus you can arrange cushions according to your own comfort. First manufactured in the Middle East, it soon became highly popular in modern India.

The only drawback- has to be placed against a wall. The advantage- extremely comfortable for power naps or just for relaxing.

#4. The Bridgewater

Love F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Then this might just be the one for you, sporting a look similar to the famous Central Perk lounge where all our ‘friends’ sat, unlike the previous mentions the sofa is casual in looks, built purely for comfort.

The armrests are lower, the backrest is slanted lower giving you the premium package of comfort. Due to its casual look, it can easily blend in with your other furniture relieving you of the need to rearrange your home decor just for your sofa.

With loose padded cushions, it eliminates the need for buying too many cushions to adjust it your comfort zone. Rolled armrests and back, a skirt for hiding its legs will surely give you the 90’s nostalgia.

#5. Sleeper Sofas

Coming in various formats- Pull-out sofa bed, futon, convertible sofa, day beds to name a few; these sofas are perfect if you lack the space to lay out an extra bed. These are perfect if your guest plans on staying over.

Pull-out sofas have fixtures which allow you to pull the skirt making a bed for two, futon sofas are mattresses stacked on one another, day beds are similar to pull-out sofas but it’s smaller thus making it perfect for small living rooms.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump over to Urban Ladder buy furnitures online to purchase your ideal sofa. Go through hundreds of individual offers and exciting discounts.

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