Cognos 10 vs Cognos 11

What is the difference in Cognos 10 and Cognos 11? Let’s Know the Comparison of Cognos 10 vs Cognos 11.

Cognos Analytics offers top-quality self-service analytics. Cognos Analytics v11 makes it easy to transition from IBM Cognos BI v10 and Cognos Analytics v11.

It is one of the most efficient business intelligence tools to deploy at the enterprise level. It has not changed in its core reporting engine.

However, it does include a Watson-like engine that can enhance dashboarding, guide data exploration & discovery, provide cognitive artificial intelligence capabilities and automate time series prediction. This makes the transition extremely smooth.

Cognos 10 vs Cognos 11

Cognos offers a complete integrated solution, which eliminates the need to work in different studios to give your business greater security and governance.

Cognos Analytics makes it easy to access all the studios from Cognos 10 and navigate them without keeping up with digital transformation. The user interface has been updated, but the core techniques from Cognos 10 can be easily and immediately transferred to Cognos Analytics.

This allows for seamless consumption by all personas. While the latest upgrade has improved many functionalities, we will only be focusing on what’s new in version 11.

Data Modules allow LOB users to connect with tables/flat files and perform basic data modelling.

You can now perform “intent-based modelling”, similar to Framework Manager packages but not replacing Framework Manager/Cube Designer. You can use data modules to create dashboards or reports.

Cognos Analytics now offers Data Sets to improve performance and flexibility by keeping a cached list of data. These data sets can be stored externally by Cognos Analytics. You can also set a time when who will refresh the datasets.

Data Explorations allows for context-driven data exploration and discovery. This flexible workspace is useful for uncovering hidden relationships and identifying patterns. But, who can also use it to generate knowledgeable insights?

To help you dig deeper into your data discovery, analytic insights and AI-driven recommendations will appear on the screen when you create an exploration. You can explore data on an as-needed basis or from pre-existing dashboards.

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