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A house wiring must be laid out carefully. If care is not taken in the beginning, chances of catastrophic failures are high. A good wiring system will also proof your home against common faults like surges, dips and shocks.

But no wiring is completely foolproof. Despite using the best of house wires India, you will still experience some trouble. Common house wiring problems are:

Electrical Failures: Common House Electrical Wire

Many people choose not to install a junction box. However, these simple electrical boxes are very important in protecting electrical connections if a short circuit or surge takes place. When this occurs, we can simply flip the circuit breaker to shut down the system.

In most cases it is a legal requirement. Some people also make the mistake of overcrowding the junction box. Usually a plastic junction box can only carry a limited volume. Overcrowding or overburdening the box will cause in jeopardizing the entire box.

Another common mistake is to leave the junction box uncovered. This can cause shocks.

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An electrical surge may last less than second, but if it happens frequently, it can damage your appliance. The reason for the surge can be anything — bad wiring, faulty appliances and even lightening strikes.

Frequent surges damage the longevity of appliance.  A surge due to lightening strike can happen only once. If it is a frequent surge, remove the appliance to see if the surge continues.

If you still see no solution, it could be a problem with the house wires India. You will need an electrician to check this.


Using appliance with higher wattage than the prescribed limit on an electrical point can cause overloading. This is a dangerous situation that can cause overloading. The high thermal heat thus produced can melt the electrical point, damaging it.

It can also damage the wiring in the appliance. More troubleshooting, it can cause sparks, which can easily result in an electrical fire. Hence, care must be taken to use the right wattage appliances.

Power sags

Sudden dips and sags in the power distribution system occur when there are faulty elements in the grid. These elements draw power, causing sags in the line. It is best to get this checked from a professional electrician.


As explained by Cable Manufacturers, Electric shocks were quite frequent earlier and may still be an issue in old houses. Luckily, it is not a big concern in more modern establishments, since house wires India have better safety standards and are not as likely to cause shocks.

You will feel the shock whenever you use a switch. If the issue is with a particular device, use another device to check. If you still experience shock, call an electrician.

Flickering light:

This could era fault with the light itself. When the light is near the end of its life, it flickers. You will know if this is the case if the rest of the lighting in your house remains steady and bright.

However, if there is a storm outside, the flickering can be caused by frayed or moving cables in the power supply system. This can easily turn dangerous. It is best to call an electrician to fix this.

Bulbs burning out quickly:

There could be many reasons for this one — using high wattage, poor connection bad circuit or mains wiring.

If it is happening too frequently, it is advisable to seek the advice of a professional electrician. If it is a wiring problem, you may have to install new house wires.

Circuit overload:

This occurs when the wiring simply cannot keep up with the consumption in the house. The solution is simple, just regulate your usage. If there are too few outlets, chances are that you are using extension cords that are overburdening a single circuit.

Monitor the use of appliances around the house and take out anything not being used. If you have too few outlets, get an electrician to install more outlets.

Frequent tripping of the circuit breaker

This is not really a problem. If you circuit breaker trips it means it’s doing its job, which is to protect your House Wires India from overloading.

This occurs when there are too many high wattage appliances used at the same time. Check the appliances that ere being used when the trip occurs.

Frequent tripping is indicative that a particular appliance is drawing too much power.

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