Video nowadays often plays a key role in the marketing strategy of most businesses. There are many ways you can involve people in your company, but it is clear that online marketing videos make your campaign a lot easier.

Thanks to technology, information dissemination has become easier, particularly since marketing videos are the most effective in reaching, informing, and engaging people, especially those in the marketing industry!

You can share your online marketing videos on social networks. YouTube has over a billion users per day. This will allow you to reach more potential customers and business partners.

However, often companies make several mistakes when creating marketing videos that mitigate their impact and reduce their effectiveness.

3 Common Mistakes When Creating Marketing Videos

Knowing about some of the more common mistakes often made when creating marketing videos is a good place to start and help you avoid them. In particular, there are three mistakes that you should be especially aware of:

Creating Marketing VideosGoing for the hard sell

The ‘hard sell’ approach is aggressive and direct and tries to push potential buyers into making a purchase right there and then.

While on paper, that may sound good, it is rarely effective, and in most cases, marketing videos that use it will alienate a lot of viewers and scare off prospective buyers.

Using a softer approach tends to be better for marketing videos and can compel viewers to purchase by triggering emotions.

In contrast to the hard sell, this makes potential buyers feel that they are in the driver’s seat and is much less likely to alienate them.

Not including a call to action

If there’s one key ingredient that should be in every single marketing video that you create, it is a call to action.

Your marketing videos should each have a goal, and the need to act is what you will use to steer viewers towards fulfilling that goal and taking the next step.

Without a call to action, your marketing videos will essentially be rudderless – and far less likely to achieve the goal that you want them to—the more compelling your call to action, the better.

Making it about the product, not the story

All of the more memorable marketing videos share one thing in common: A story. The story that these videos tell is what they use to attract and engage viewers while developing their interest in their brand or products at the same time.

If your marketing videos don’t have a story (or at least storytelling elements), they aren’t going to have that big impact. It could be as simple as the classic problem-solution formula, but it needs to be present in the video.

Additionally, it can help pay attention to the quality and visuals and make sure they look impressive and polished. The post-production stage is important in that regard.

For example, you could use Movavi Video Editor to create interesting visuals such as time-lapse videos with the steps

However, all said and done should see how the three mistakes listed above could derail your marketing videos. More importantly, you should know what you need to do to avoid making those mistakes.

While many other factors will determine how effective your marketing videos are – avoiding these mistakes will put you in a much better position than you would be otherwise.

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