Custom Wall Mirrors
Custom Wall Mirrors

When you think mirror, the first thought that comes to most people minds is large framed boring mirrors that only allow the little customization in terms of their frame design and nothing else at all. However, this might not be the case.

Of course you can’t change much other than the frame but there are many possibilities when it comes to customizing things. You just have to be creative enough to see all the possibilities and innovate in your own creativeness to get the most out of the otherwise boring large wall mirrors.

Choices are potentially unlimited for designers and home owners. Anything they can think of, can be incorporated in some design theme on or around the large mirrors to make them stand out on the walls and to become the focal point of the room. When we say, don’t just settle for boring large wall mirrors – go custom, we have the following reasons to back our argument up with:

Go for a Custom Frame

Although, huge wall mirrors already come in some type of a frame but traditional simple or even the fancy design simple shaped frames can, not always fulfil the purpose of a custom design. What we really mean by thins one is to be as creative as you can be. Get frames that might look from a 2060 Hollywood movie even.

Whatever possible shapes with frames you can think of, use them in you custom large mirrors. The virtue of using these unique looking frames on large wall mirrors is that you can go large in sizes as much as you have to. Make sure to design mirror frames that pop right out of the wall and attract the attention of anyone looking their side.

Paint Custom Designs around It

Mirrors, no matter how big they get, can always fit in the center of a good wall design. This design can be modified according to the nature of the room it is being implemented in.

The kid’s room for example, can have a good story drawn on the wall like that of the wolf in the moon or the sun popping from the mountains and the mirror can be used as the mountains with only a part of the sun coming out of the side of it or for the living rooms, the wall design or wall art can be a really attractive art drawing with the central spot reserved for the large mirror.

The point here is that you should design the whole wall in a way that the mirror looks a part of the whole painted design and the whole thing should attract as much attention as possible. Our argument, don’t just settle for boring large wall mirrors – go custom, gets treated fairly with this customization around the mirror.

Place Custom Vintage Candles on Its Sides

If you are planning to hang or place the mirror right above or on the fireplace shelf or any other shelf in the room, a very suitable idea to bring beauty to the whole arrangement is to place candles on its sides in large and tall candle holders.

Mirrors are known for their ability to reflect light and when you light up the candles on their sides, they will reflect light very elegantly to all corners of the room, just make sure that the candles are slightly raised outwards from the mirror surface in order to allow enough direction for the candle light to travel towards the mirror surface and then be reflected off into the room.

The candle light reflected from the mirror surface will create a very calm and elegant effect indeed. Only one side of the room will be lightly lit up and will facilitate those candle light dinners for the romantic couples as well where required.

Custom Window Mirror

Mirrors on windows, sounds a bit much, right! Well it doesn’t once it starts making sense. If you have a very big sized room that seems to never end and has a window facing a garden or an outside view, whatever it may be, what you can do to both make the room show its boundaries near the main window and also provide something attention grabbing is to put a large sized wall mirror on that window.

Attach it as you would on a wall using nails and hammers or whatever way you seen necessary.

This mirror on the window can be made to look even better when you place something else near it that is in the color of its frame as well. This will bring color complement in a far better way than any other to the mirror and the other object placed near it as well.

Frameless Mirror on a Dark Painted Wall

Think about this one in detail. You have the main wall painted black or any other darker color, by placing a large frameless mirror on it, not only will you be adding some accent to the wall but will also provide a complete blacked out wall with the light shining only on the subject or person standing in front of the mirror.

Another way of making the mirror pop out is by place a light on it that only highlights the mirror without falling on the rest of the wall. The mirror will appear as if it is floating when right amount of light is used inside that particular room. This will provide a great focal point for the wall and the room in the most elegant way possible.

Halloween Huge Wall Mirror

We all love Halloween right. How about a ghostly mirror for the occasion as well to set everyone in just the right mood for it. What you need to get that done is to draw some ghosts on the main wall of the room that appear to be disappearing in the mirror.

Couple of them with only their head disappeared into the mirror and couple more with half their bodies finishing right where the mirror starts and some more flying towards the mirror.

This will make it appear as if the ghosts are entering the mirror dimension and leaving the earthly one. Not only will the kids enjoy it but once Halloween goes, you can leave it like that till Christmas as well for everyone to enjoy the somewhat scary view.

All the things other than the mirrors themselves are bound to your imagination and you can do whatever you please with them. What we can recommend to you is a good place to get your large sized wall mirror from.

Fab Glass and Mirror are the most trusted glass products providers in the US and their mirrors are top quality, easy to clean and reflect highest amount of light as well.

They can provide mirrors in all the required sizes and shapes because they custom cut them upon orders and are not limited to only the ones they have in their stores or on display.

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