Dane Elkins Missing Person

In Brentwood, California, a mother continues to search for her son Dane Elkins. He was a 23-time champion racquetball player and U.C. Santa Cruz student.

Dane Elkins disappeared from an abandoned vehicle near Santa Clarita last Christmas. In the nine months since his disappearance, possible sightings have continued to appear, matching the description of 22-year-old Dane.

The third credible sighting prompted his family to appeal to the public for help. Dane Elkins was hungry, so she bought him a meal.

Deborah Elkins, his mother, confirmed that Dane is the one who bought him a meal. “Dane said to the Oakdale witness that he was going to Oregon and needed bus money.”

Dane Elkins: Missing Person

Dane Elkins’s mother, Dane, has been looking for her son ever since he vanished on Dec. 21, 2020. He was driving between Brentwood and U.C. Santa Cruz. The most recent sighting, on July 12, in Oakdale (California), is a relief.

Elkins stated, “It was such relief, so nice to hear, it makes you so grateful.” It makes me believe in kindness and gratitude that Dane is living off the kindness of others. He’s clean and in good shape, with newer clothes.

According to his mother, Dane was last seen with a sleeping bag and a hard-rolled suitcase. He also had jeans, vans, a mustard jacket, and corrected a witness who pronounced Dan’s name “Dan.”

His mother reported Dane missing after her son called 911 for an unknown reason. Deputies found Dane’s abandoned car near the I-5 Freeway/Templin Highway.

One tire was flat, and all the other tires were low. According to police reports, Dane was nowhere to be seen, and his wallet and phone were inside.

The 22-year old engineering student lived at home in Brentwood during school closures due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, he often traveled to Santa Cruz to see friends.

U.C. engineering student. Santa Cruz, where he was a 23-time national champion racquetball player. His disappearance occurred at the hands of Dane, who was an engineering student at U.C.

According to Elkins’ family, Dane could have become paranoid and lost his mental health due to pressures at school and the coronavirus pandemic.

His mother stated that he had survived eight months without any health problems and was clean. We’ve been so worried for him, and to hear this is so wonderful.

Witnesses said that Dane referred to an individual named Aubrey who brought him to Oakdale. His family is now looking for Aubrey to show their gratitude for Dane’s help.

His mother stated, “We don’t want anything other than that, we just want her to be thankful and it would have been great if she came forward.”

Dane allegedly had an interaction with two witnesses in Mojave (California) during a possible sighting in February. They were located near the intersection of Mojave-Barstow Highway and 14 Freeway.

This is approximately 50 miles north of the Santa Clarita Valley. During that sighting, he also indicated an interest in traveling to Oregon.

His mother stated, “Dane. Every day we’re all thinking about you, praying for your safety, and ready to support you in any way we can.”

We want to support him when he’s ready. We want him to know that we are there with open arms, waiting for him. We love him, miss him, and pray daily for him.

Brentwood resident Dane is described as white with brown hair and green eye. According to the report, he is approximately 5′ 11″ tall and weighs 170 pounds.

Anyone who believes they have found Elkins is encouraged to secretly take a photo of whomever they believe to be him and send it to searchingfordaneelkins@gmail.com, as it will allow the family to better sift through legitimate leads before passing them on to investigators.

Deborah spoke of the positive side to her plea for help in finding Dane.

You can also help the search by sharing a copy of the flyer and the hashtag #FindDaneElkins on social media.

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