Dating a Big Person

You may be wanting a date for Valentine’s Day, and it’s becoming stressful as your family is pressuring you to have a girlfriend. Dating is a pain in the ass, but romance is important. It’s no wonder why so many adults are flunking in love because they don’t think too much about dating.

It’s true for everyone that dating is considered a hurdle, especially if you’re plus-sized. However, this is necessary to go to the next level of romance, and the “getting to know each other stage” will be a solid foundation for the relationship later on.

The internet is so full of standards for beauty, but so many people are not conforming to these unrealistic trends.

With people staying at home and eating non-stop from their couches, it’s not surprising that they will become big, and this can make dating more challenging. But if you’re looking for someone big, you can check out sites like Dating Throne and get to know them.

Some Tips for Dating a Big Person

They may be big in size, but their hearts are soft inside. If you’re the plus-sized guy and gal, it’s best if you know how to play off the weaknesses and strengths of your size to get the best advantage.

This way, you can be successful in getting dates that may seem way out of your league, but they are actually the ones who are going to last.

#1. Fat-Shaming Exists


It’s best if the bad news is out in the box early on. You may have probably heard this, but plenty of people have fat biases and tend to shame everyone else that is not their size. People will often disregard their potential partners based on the weight alone. This fact is a grim one, and it’s not going to go away when you ignore them.

Other people may get along excellently based on emotional or spiritual levels. However, these are not going to happen for those with biases. It can be their loss, though, as many other people don’t necessarily care about someone else’s weight.

At first, you may think that about 50% of those in a relationship may even care about the weight. But with the statistics, it’s estimated that around 66% of Americans are in a relationship, and 44% are single.

It’s worth noting that the body sizes of an average American male or female are not exactly thin, and the majority do not fall inside the concept of conventional beauty.

But the majority continues to be with others and couple up, so if you feel ostracized, just remember that there will be someone for you who’ll accept you no matter what. Read the harmful effects of fat-shaming in this link here.

#2. Confidence is the Key

Confidence is the Key

Confidence can bring light to your whole persona, and you can become more charismatic. However, confidence will affect how others perceive you, but people’s perceptions of you can change as well.

In high school, you may think that dating is the worst when your body image is nowhere near what you think of today. You may have come from a society where the beauty standards were set, and those who deviate have experienced social abandonment.

However, others have experienced that when they move to another state, things are beginning to change. In New York City and any other major cities in the world, you may be able to see diverse races, couples, and people from all walks of life.

They come together, and they are not necessarily bothered with “plus-sized hang-ups”. Discovering body positivity and beginning to embrace who you are can be helpful messages in the online world. After all, how can someone love you if you don’t even love yourself?

If you feel better and are pretty comfortable about being big, then you won’t necessarily care about what others think, and eventually, you’ll find someone who will accept your flaws and love you all the same.

#3. A Reminder about Fetishes

Reminder about Fetishes

Nowadays, there’s a growing community where plus-sized women become the objects of fantasies of some rather than considering them as a romantic significant other. While others enjoy the attention because of the fetish, many would not want this because they respect themselves enough.

Sexuality is a very complex one, and many people have fetishes, and they are totally normal. You may meet many people online, and they have kinks that are not common. Fetishes have their own stigma, and this is the same thing with terms like “fat.”

There’s a distinction between preferences and fetishes, but it can amount to the same thing in this case. Many may be attracted to brown hair, but this is considered a physical characteristic, but the size is not treated the same thing.

Your preferences do not have to be the conventional “attractive” that many are setting their standards on. What it all boils down to is a “fetish on big people is not necessarily a bad thing.”

And if the two parties are in consensual agreement to have a one-night stand, then who’s to say that both of them are wrong?

Don’t try to be too hung up in this kind of language. Learn more about fetish in this Url:

#4. Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Many think that giving a cool first impression in the online world is something that they must do. They care too much about the angles of their display picture, they want to sweat every message they send, and they want to put their best foot forward, so to say.

However, ensure that it’s going to be your foot. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not and be genuine. For your own peace of mind, try to post those full-body pictures and choose something more flattering.

Be clear right off the bat and use whatever description you want. The more genuine the pictures that you post online, the more your confidence will grow. Potential dates check your profile, and when they are interested, you can expect it to be genuine.

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