Deadpool 2 Release Date, Plot And Everything Else You Need To Know

Deadpool 2 was scheduled to be launched at 1st June but now it has been advanced by almost two weeks to avoid clashes with the long-expected X-Man movie which is now shifted to early 2019 release. Deadpool 2 will now be released worldwide on 18th April.


2018 has been a phenomenal year for Marvel fans so far with the screening of two awesome titles namely Black Panther and Avengers Infinity War in just four months. But the feast seems to be far from over as the super-hit Deadpool series has returned to all major theaters with its second installment. Already excited? I can understand that being a Marvel fan myself. So, without further adieu lets head to the detailed analysis of the movie ( Spoiler Alert! ). And before you rush and book your tickets be sure to check these paytm movie offers for some amazing discounts.

When is it coming to your nearby screens?
Deadpool 2 was scheduled to be launched at 1st June but now it has been advanced by almost two weeks to avoid clashes with the long-expected X-Man movie which is now shifted to early 2019 release. Deadpool 2 will now be released worldwide on 18th April.

Who’s starring?
Ryan Reynolds:
Ryan Reynolds once again reprises the role of Wade Wilson and do expect the same quality of his witty humour and acting genius in this movie too. You have probably spotted him previously in films like Blade: Trinity, Just Friends, The Proposal, Green Lantern and many more.

Josh Brolin:
In this movie, Josh Brolin is introducing the character Cable who is not exactly a sidekick of Deadpool but more like a buddy with a lot of differences in opinions. The veteran academy award winner has previously graced us with his critically acclaimed performances in movies such as No Country for Old Man, W., Milk etc.

In other roles, Morena Baccarin plays Venessa, Julian Dennison appears as the Firefist, Zazie Beetz plays Domino and Stephen Kapičić reprises the role of Colossus. Also, you will be able to spot Brad Pitt for a short role in the movie as the Vanisher.

The creative team remains almost same from the first movie. But director Tim Miller is replaced by David Leitch but still, hopes are high for another masterclass. The movie is produced by Simon Kinberg.

What’re the critics thinking about it?
Deadpool 2 has seen a very positive review from the critics. The best thing about Deadpool is his witty sarcasm and even critics are a big fan of it. A.O. Scott from The NY Times has praised the winky humour by stating that it “can make even the slow-witted and literal-minded feel devilishly clever. Christopher Orr from The Atlantic has rated the sequel to be “better in virtually every other respect.”

The Plot ( Spoilers! )
The story takes you two years in future from the original Deadpool movie. Wade is now a celebrated mercenary who now travels around the world taking down criminal masterminds.

But things do not always go according to plan and the fact is same for Deadpool too. He tries to assassinate an NYC drug cartel chief but ends up getting spotted. After the failed attempt he returns to Venessa and decides to start a family with her. In that same night, the cartel attacks their home and Venessa gets killed in the ambush.

deadpool 2 wallpaper

Wade manages to take the revenge by killing the evil kingpin but the death of Venessa leaves him devastated. He then tries to blow himself up in grief but his superhuman healing ability keeps him away from any fatal harm.

Colossus appears in the scene and offers Wade to join the famous X-Men to help him get through the rough patch. They visit Prof. Xavier’s mansion and Wade finally agrees. On their first assignment along with Negasonic Teenage Warhead, the two mutants try to control the temper of a young mutant, Russell Collins who calls himself the Fire-fist. But their every attempt goes in vain.

In the meantime, Wade discovers that the orphanage actually abuses young Russel and in sheer fury, he ends up shooting a staff of the orphanage. That gets both Russel and himself arrested. Their mutant powers are neutralized using an advanced collar. They are then transported to an isolated mutant prison facility that houses many mutants like Russel and Wade.

At this point, we meet Cable who comes from the future to kill. Though his initial attempt to kill Russel fails but he manages to free Wade from the prison. Still blaming himself for the death of Venessa, Wade decides to save Russel from Cable and try to set him free. He assembles a mutant team and launches a surprise attack on a prison truck transporting Russel. But with the help of the Juggernaut Russel escapes the scene and decides to kill headmaster of the abusive orphanage.

But that puts the future family of Cable in danger and he agrees to help Wade to stop Russel. And after an epic battle that also involves sci-fi time travel and some edge of the seat action, they manage to get rid of the headmaster but also, manages to stop Russel also. In the end, Wade uses Cable’s time machine to travel back in time and Save Venessa and performs other tasks to fix the broken timeline. All in all, do expect 119 minutes of a nail-biting and captivating story.

Here’s some trivia

  1. Deadpool 2 was announced three days before the launch of the original Deadpool movie.
  2. Josh Brolin has also played the role of Supervillain Thanos in Avengers infinite war. That means he acts as a Marvel villain and hero in the same calendar year.
  3. Ryan Reynolds has previously starred as Green Lantern in a DC movie. This puts him in a small set of actors who have played hero in both Marvel and DC movies.
  4. Most parts of the movie are filmed at Vancouver, British Colombia.
  5. The production of the movie ended on the same day as the upcoming X-Men movie.

How to book Deadpool 2 tickets?
As it is evident from the latest Avengers movie, it is true that Marvel movies are in extreme demand. So, it is advisable to book your tickets well in advance to avoid frustration. Here are some simple steps to book your tickets online.

  1. Visit the website of your nearby theater or open their apps.
  2. You can also use sites like Bookmyshow, Paytm etc.
  3. Look for Deadpool 2.
  4. Choose your favourite seats.
  5. Proceed to pay.
  6. At this moment you need to enter promo codes ( if any ).
  7. Pay using various payment methods available.
  8. Upon success of your payment, you will receive an SMS and an email confirming your booking and seat number.

There is only a very small percentage of people who do not enjoy a decent action thriller. And if you do enjoy action, you won’t be disappointed by Deadpool 2 even if you are not that much into superheroes and superpowers. So, don’t hold yourself back anymore and book an action-packed superhero weekend.