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Creating a home décor is about more than just what you decorate your home with, it is about defining a style. Homes with a strong style look more cohesive, thought-out and attractive.

While every space requires its own implementation of decor, starting with an established style can make it easier to plan your home. Coastal chic is one such style that is especially popular in the LA area.

What Is Coastal Chic?

Coastal chic is a soothing interior design style based on the themes of coastal areas. It includes soft colors and luminous finishes.

The intent behind coastal chic is to create a tranquil space that is evocative of the shore. This look works especially well in rooms that receive a lot of natural light, especially if that is sunlight coming off the beach.

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However, the sophisticated and elegant look is surprisingly flexible, despite its coastal roots. The emphasis on softness and simplicity makes it a great choice no matter your location.

Of course, the nautical themes and beach appropriateness make coastal chic a popular choice among the interior designers Malibu residents rely on.

What Decorations Makeup Coastal Chic? 

Typically, coastal chic uses soft colors like white, ivory and light gray as the basis. This is then accented with brighter colors such as blue and turquoise. Obviously, these colors are chosen with the coast in mind.

Getting Professional Help

Of course, nailing any home décor isn’t easy. Sometimes, it is best to get help from a professional. Fortunately, many LA area designers are well versed in coastal chic. Finding an interior designer Pacific Palisades, Malibu and other LA homeowners work with can help you master your home redecoration plans.

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