workers' compensation insurance

Good practice facilitates a safe and secure work environment. It is necessary to have workers’ compensation insurance for the protection of workers and the business.

Workers’ compensation is a mandatory cover that the employer finances. The insurance compensates staff who suffer work-related injuries in medical treatment and wages that are lost.

Here are some benefits of getting workers’ compensation.


In case you suffer a work-related injury, it is deemed compensable.

Employers who do not have workers’ compensation insurance are required to refund or reimburse the state for the attorney’s fees, penalties, and interests.

An uninsured employer is at risk of civil litigation by an employee who has been injured in the course of working and is at risk of facing criminal charges from the state.

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Financial advantages

Compliance with the workers’ compensation insurance needs means that a business avoids penalties when an accident happens.

The insurance protects employers from direct lawsuits from injured staff. In return, it eliminates the risk of high settlement and high fees.

Any form of litigation on a business is likely to drain a company financially.

Protection of employees

The workforce is an asset to the success of the business. Workplace accidents and injuries may have a great impact on finances, costs, and productivity.

A safe workplace is vital in reducing injuries. Consider getting a safe workplace that protects you and assures you of taking care of yourself if you get injured.

Vocational expenses

If you get injured at work and cannot serve in the same position, workers’ compensation provides coverage for training services.

You acquire training to perform other duties within the same organization. With this, the company saves on hiring new employees and equips you with new skills to serve in a different capacity.

Types of Employees Compensation

When you get injured at work, there are several types of compensation benefits you enjoy. Getting hurt at work may leave you in a huge financial burden.

It is, however, crucial that you get a Oregon workers compensation attorney who is dedicated to ensuring your employee:

  • Takes care of your bills that the law necessitates the business should cater for
  • Takes care of your family as the main source is your job, and injury affects productivity and performance.
  • Ensure that the employer does not impose penalties on you for missing work during an injury

Below are some benefits that you enjoy when an accident occurs:

Medical Benefits

Employers are supposed to cater to medical and hospital bills for workers if they get injured at work.

The injury compensation depends on the amount and time the medical care takes to heal the injury caused.

An employer s required to cater to the medical care of an employee regardless of the presence or absence at work.

Disability and lost wages benefits

Disability benefits may range from temporary to permanent conditions. Temporary disabilities are provided for workers hospitalized overnight.

If you get injuries that demand some time away from work, there is a need for the employer to compensate for the lost income.

As a result, you get lost wages benefits from the lost wages’ insurance. You must get a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer to help you win a compensation claim and defend your rights.

Here are the main reasons you should consider hiring a compensation lawyer:

  • To assist estimate the final settlement
  • To maximize the workers’ injury benefits
  • To appear in court on your behalf if the need arises
  • Protects workers’ legal rights and future needs
  • Assists you to build a third-party liability case.

A professional attorney understands how to handle insurers’ related matters.

The professionals are aware of how to maximize the benefits. Workers’ compensation relieves your stress.

Establishing a substantial compensation claim demands that you have a professional from a reputable legal services provider such as the House of Workers Compensation.

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