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What You Should Know About Destination Management Companies

Destination Management Company Myths: In our in-depth blog post, learn about their crucial role in event preparation, from logistics to local knowledge.

Have you ever wanted to organize a corporate retreat, attend a conference or festival or open a business in another country, city or region?

If you have never visited, you may find it difficult to navigate the local culture, get things planned and learn what you need to know to create a successful event or trip.

These are times when you should consult with one of these companies.

Destination Management Companies

Who Works With Destination Managers?

These companies work with anyone who needs destination management services. Not only do they work with business owners, marketing executives and human resources personnel who want to hold events in other locations, but they also work with event planners. Anyone who organizes conferences, retreats, festivals and meetings may need the services of these organizations. Nonprofit organizations often hire destination managers. Even travel agents often need their services.

What Types of Events Do Destination Management Companies Plan?

The sky is really the limit here. If these professionals work with businesses, they often plan corporate retreats, galas, conferences, milestone celebrations, grand openings, awards ceremonies and appreciation events, team-building sessions and holiday parties. However, they also help with fundraisers for nonprofit organizations. Managers also work closely with travel agents, helping them get to know new places and building programs for their customers.

Industries that hold trade shows, seminars, conventions and other events also need destination management help. Even sporting events use these services. Really, anyone who plans to hold an event in an unfamiliar location, such as a destination wedding or retirement party, can work with these organizations.

What Types of Services Do Destination Management Companies Offer?

Consultants with these companies handle a wide range of services, starting with translation services for those traveling to different countries. They also provide entertainment, such as booking tours, hosting activities and coordinating excursions. They help plan any event, including finding vendors, arranging furniture rentals, decorating, preparing presentation areas, negotiating vendor contracts and hiring caterers. They act as liaisons between you and your vendors, collecting invoices and payments and keeping the lines of communication open.

These individuals also arrange transportation to and from airports, hotels and activities. You can even ask them to arrange for a photographer, videographer and any technology you need. These professionals are your support during the planning and execution of your event. They can even arrange and distribute swag and prizes.

What Should You Look For in a Destination Management Company?

destination management company should belong to DMC networks you can use to find reputable organizations in the area you seek to hold your event. You can also ask those you know who have used these services about their experiences. Learn about their specialties. For example, some focus on their immediate community while others service an entire region or country.

Consider your needs now and in the future because you may want to hold another event in a different part of the same country and need to contract these services again. Also, consider the type of event you plan to host and find a company with extensive experience in these types and sizes of events. Don’t forget to read reviews and ask for references.

If you plan to host an event in a location you are not familiar with, consider working with a destination manager.

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