Alcohol Detox

One of the sad realities of modern life in the US is the growing epidemic of drug abuse. Whether the drug is alcohol, street drugs like heroin, or prescription drug like Vicodin, the reality is that abuse of these intoxicants is spiraling out of control. Detox for Vicodin in Florida is one solution to the problem, and the hope is that more people in need of help will reach out and seek treatment before it’s too late.

The reality of this drug crisis is that since 2015, 50,000 people have died from drug overdoses. This problem is reaching the lives of people at every level of society, as this is not an issue that affects only the very rich or the very poor.

While alcohol abuse has also been a serious social problem treated by Alcohol Detox, the out-of-control use of prescription opioid drugs is a newer issue. Much of this comes from the increased use of opioid painkillers by doctors in the late 1990s.

As these drugs became more prevalent and more widely prescribed, many users discovered that they could crush the drugs and then inhale or inject them to get a faster and bigger “high.” From there, many users began to use heroin, which offered the same type of high but at a lower price. These drugs are powerfully addictive, and the huge problem we are facing today as a society has stemmed from all of this.

Seeking Help
Drug addiction is a tragic situation for the drug user and the user’s family. It’s critical that anyone who is addicted seek help as soon as possible, so their life is not lost to the addiction. There is help available in many reputable treatment centers across the US, but the person who is using must seek help and enter treatment.

Entering Rehab
When a person enters rehab, they will be assessed by a healthcare professional who will examine them and get a sense of their addiction problem. They will also diagnose any other mental health issues that may be an aspect of the addiction problem, as it’s important for the client’s situation to be treated as a whole in order for them to fully heal. From there, a treatment plan will be established, and detox will begin.

It’s crucial that a client stop using drugs before recovery really begins, through therapy. Detox may bring on withdrawal symptoms, as the client stops using the drugs their body has been dependent on. These symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and delirium. A healthcare professional will monitor the client during detox to ensure their safety during the process. After detox is complete and the client has rested, counseling will begin.

After detox, the client will undergo treatment via talk therapy sessions, which allows the client to work through any underlying issues that may be driving the addiction. These sessions may be in a one-on-one setting or in a group, or both. All of these forms of therapy offer the client a chance to receive support for their condition, and to offer it to others going through the same situation.

It’s important for the client to know they are supported throughout the process. Therapy in a reputable rehab center is a “safe” place that allows the client to feel free to be vulnerable, so they can discuss the painful issues associated with addiction with real honesty. All of this goes a long way towards offering real healing for the problems associated with addiction.

More Therapy and Support
As talk therapy sessions continue, the client may also become involved in other types of therapy, including massage, yoga classes, art therapy and group activities including nature hikes, horseback rides, bowling or team sports. These activities can bring on a sense of joy for the newly sober person, as they reconnect to parts of themselves that may have been numbed while using drugs.

After the process of recovery is complete, the client will then make a plan for re-entering their life, now as a sober person. Some clients may choose to continue with AA meetings for ongoing support, which is highly encouraged. The support these meetins offer goes a long way towards preventing relapse.

Though addiction is a potentially tragic situation, help is out there. Seek help now, and embrace all the joy that a sober life can offer.