Types of Crane Hooks

The classification of crane hooks gets done on the basis of the material used in their manufacturing and other factors related to the usage.  The crane hooks are available in several shapes and sizes, mode of operation, characteristics and their manufacturing process.

Each crane hook is manufactured according to the requirement and the type and size of load it needs to handle. It is important to understand the types of crane hooks available in the market and which is the best-suited one for a particular application.

Before starting the classification of crane hooks it is important to know that what exactly a crane hook is? Well, crane hook is also known as lifting hooks.

These are used to move different types of loads and heavyweights from one place to another. Apart from moving the loads there are several other applications of the crane hook. You can get more info about crane hooks here.

Types of the crane hook

There are seven main types of crane hooks:

  1. Single crane hooks
  2. Double crane hooks
  3. Forging crane hooks
  4. Laminated crane hook
  5. Closed hooks
  6. Semi-closed crane hooks
  7. Electric Rotary hooks

Let’s understand each type of crane hook separately:

crane hook

Single Crane Hooks and Double Crane Hooks

The most common crane hooks get Classified on the basis of their shape. Depending upon the shape there are two types of crane hooks that are single crane hooks and double crane hooks.

Single crane hooks

If you are dealing with the machines having loaded up to 75 tons then you can go for the single crane hooks. The single crane hooks are very easy to use and simple to handle.

Double crane hooks

If the machine deals with more than 75 tons of load then you must consider double crane hook. The double crane hooks provide superior bearing quality also.

Forging Crane Hooks and Laminated Crane Hooks

If you are willing to purchase the crane hooks on the basis of the methods used in manufacturing then and there are two options available for you. Options available are forging crane hooks and laminated crane hooks.

The Forging Crane Hooks

The Forging Crane Hooks are designed by using a high-quality single piece of Steel with a low carbon.  In order to ensure your maximum stress resistance from 16Mn to 36MnSi,  the hook is designed with proper and best quality. The installation of this book is very easy and simple.

Laminated Crane Hooks

In these hooks, there are several Steel plates used to provide better safety and high-stress resistance quality. If the individual crane hook parts get damaged then also these laminated crane hooks will work properly. In the laminated crane hooks, there are two options available that are single hooks and double laminated hooks.

Closed Hooks and Semi-Closed Crane Hooks

If you are willing to who purchased the hook having right attachments then you must go for the closed hooks for semi-closed crane hooks.

Closed Hooks

The closed crane hooks provide the highest possible safety measures and the load bearing potential is also high. Although these closed hooks are somewhere more time-consuming.

Semi-Closed Crane Hooks

The semi-closed crane groups are basically used to increase the security levels at there and also aimed to bridge the gap.

Electric Rotary Hooks

If you are willing to get a crane hook that will provide you the all the latest and advanced features along with the highest convenience then you must go for the electric Rotary hooks. It is basically sophisticated equipment that can help in improving the effectiveness and maneuverability of the crane.

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