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CRECSOAutoDifferent Types of Helmets For Bikers Protection

Different Types of Helmets For Bikers Protection

Wearing helmets while biking is crucial for protecting the rider's head from severe injuries in accidents. It can reduce the risk of head injuries by up to 85%.

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Different Types of Helmets For Bikers: The Helmet is the essential part of your ride. It would be best if you did not ride anywhere without the Helmet. Before purchasing the Helmet, consider the quality and features of that Helmet.

There are Different Types of Helmets For Bikers to choose from, and different helmets have different features.

The government enforced strict rules and regulations regarding traffic. However, most people ignore that rules. Keep in mind that these regulations are promoted for saving a life. Therefore, try wearing the Helmet as a habit while riding.

Different Types of Helmets For Bikers

You can get Different Types of Helmets at a low price than expected. Here are the four Different Types of Helmets from which you can choose the one that suits your desire.

#1. Full Face Helmet

Full Face Helmet is one of the most modern helmets widely used by anyone in the city. It covers the entire face and head of the rider. It provides more safety and protection to the rider. It will help save the rider from injuries to the skull, bones, and head.

This Helmet is specially designed to protect the rider from serious injuries during an accident. As major accidents are more likely to occur these days, a rider should have to save their life by wearing the full-face Helmet.

Full Face Helmet is bulky and weight. Hence it gives 100% guarantees to protect your skull. A Full Face Helmet is ideal for you whether travelling for a long-distance or short mile. , search for full-face helmets online in India to get the best Helmet.

#2. Three-Quarter Helmet

Unlike Three Quarter Helmet, this one helps cover the skull and leave your face open. Three-Quarter Helmet enables you to see the complete view of the location.

However, you will be more likely to injure with the half face mask. And, it is not resistant against the noise and the wind; therefore, the noise will enter into the Helmet, which would be uncomfortable for you.

If you are travelling for a short distance, you can use Three Quarter Helmet. When you use this Three Quarter Helmet, you can wear sunglasses and enjoy the view. It lets you communicate easily with your neighbour who rides in the same spot.

#3. Modular Helmet

Modular Helmet is a cross between half and full-face masks. The Modular Helmet is adjustable and converted into a half-face helmet while riding. You can also search for full-face helmets online shopping to get more details.

This is made with quality screws and bolts. Therefore, it looks hybrid. It weighs more though it looks great. If you want to cover the full face with half face helmet, then Modular Helmet is the ideal one for you

#4. Skull Helmet

Skull Helmet is a fashionable helmet nowadays. This is much like the half shell helmet and protects jaws, neck, face, and ears. This offers noise resistance and wind resistance. Skull Helmet is cheaper and easy to use.

However, the full-face Helmet is recommended for better safety. Consider twice before getting the best and different types of helmets for you.

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