Digital Marketing 2021

Digital marketing, often called online marketing, uses the internet and other digital resources to connect potential customers to a particular brand, product, or service.

Marketing a company through digital means is the most effective way to promote, engage, and encourage new customers to the business, providing the ability to connect to a wide variety of areas in the most cost-effective way possible.

Digital Marketing

The 5 D’s of Digital Marketing

  1. Digital Platform
  2. Digital Technology
  3. Digital Media
  4. Digital Devices
  5. Digital Data

Digital services are available and accessible from various digital devices, the most popular being computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

In the last few years, other devices have become compatible with digital services, such as smart televisions, smartwatches, and even gaming consoles.

Each specific digital device should be treated as an entirely different medium when designing a digital marketing plan for a particular company.

There is a plethora of available digital media, the most common of which include applications for mobile phones, communication tools such as multimedia messages and electronic mail, and internet search engines.

The most prolific and beneficial digital platforms are the copious social media platforms, which have already become the most influential digital platforms. The five most significant are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Naturally, digital marketing is simply impossible without investing in the latest technology and software updates. However, which can significantly enhance digital marketing, all to the company, product, or service you promote, by other technology.

A fantastic example of this is screened displaying information and promotional material at kiosks and other information points.

#1. The Sheer Power of Digital Marketing

A recent study on internet usage revealed in 2020 that around 4.54 billion people were active and regular social media users, representing approximately 59% of the global population.

These figures prove just how influential and essential digital marketing is and how much it can positively affect a business’s sales revenue, not to mention its power to raise brand awareness and grow the industry.

The bonus of digital marketing, which sets it apart from other advertising forms, is it allows you to build buyer personas to help correctly and more accurately identify your audience demographic and more efficiently and effectively meet their buying needs.

With these personas, you can determine which type of audience will be most interested in your product and then focus your online marketing on those people.

#2. What is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a half-fictional, half-factual representation of a product or service’s ideal customer and audience demographic.

Based on detailed and skilled market research, a buyer persona utilizes facts and data surrounding existing customers and the addition of several educated assumptions and theories.

Buyer personas enable companies to understand more comprehensively and relate more thoroughly to the audience that their products and services are designed.

#3. Digital Marketing As A Career

Digital marketing attracts a wide range of skilled professionals, including the technical minded, creatives, and business managers. If you have experience and a background in business or communications, it would be good to pursue digital marketing management.

As a career, digital marketing is increasingly in demand, and companies and industries worldwide are always looking for passionate and skilled digital professionals.

The most effective way of setting you apart from your digital marketing competitors is to take your education to a higher level and study for an MSc in Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is becoming the primary way that businesses market themselves. As this shift to online continues, more companies will need experts in this field, meaning that digital marketing is a very secure role.

#4. Benefits of Studying at Postgraduate Level

There are many reasons why it makes sense to study Digital Marketing as a Master of Science postgraduate degree.

It is a proven fact that potential employers’ most sought-after skill sets are related to digital technologies, including artificial intelligence study, analytical reasoning, UX design, and cloud computing.

To enable you to maintain your current job role and manage other personal and family commitments simultaneously as studying for your Master’s, it would be highly advantageous to consider online and distance learning as conventional physical enrollment.

Digital marketing lends itself perfectly to studying from home as, by its very nature, the entire course involves studying data and digital practices.

#5. The Importance of Digital Marketing Globally

There are many reasons why digital marketing is fast becoming the most popular and effective advertising technique across the world’s companies.

Digital marketing is considerably more cost-effective than traditional advertising and promotion, particularly for smaller businesses that lack the cash flow and resources that more giant corporations possess.

Naturally, as a company increases its digital outreach, it quickly increases its revenue. The more significant the amount of data they compile from their outreach campaigns, the more accurate their predictions and buyer personas are, and the better their return on their investment.

Social media platforms are powerhouses of influence and customer communication. When correctly utilized, social media can assist in acquiring new clients and customers explicitly based on their details, location, and individual needs.

Social media is a vital element in every company’s social media campaign, and its accessibility and communication levels afford more trust and credibility with the customer as a business grows.

Digital marketing allows a business to generate better revenue, and the internet is the best medium to take a company to the next level of growth.

This is because digital marketing delivers conversion and allows a business to track all the incoming traffic to its website while simultaneously facilitating direct interaction with its targeted audience demographic.

No other marketing channel, be that radio, television advertisement, or print media, has as wide of a reach as digital marketing, meaning it is the best way to attract a high volume of people to your company.

Additionally, no other form of marketing can be as targeted as digital marketing, as you’re able to advertise to people that are going to be interested in your product, giving you more chances to make a conversion.