Eco-Friendly Home Makeover

As more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious about the state of the world around them, they’re making conscious efforts to do their part in impacting the world for the greater good in their daily routines.

Everything from using reusable water bottles to composting their food, people have definitely gotten on board the train of sustainability. And this is not a “here today, gone tomorrow” trend, either… People are making this a lifestyle change.

In addition to making changes to their daily routine and habits, people are also starting to incorporate sustainability into their home environments as well.

This isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon but it is quite a change for people looking to adopt this lifestyle.

So the best way to approach the lifestyle is to ease into it… Making such drastic changes with anything can be discouraging.

So, if you’re serious about incorporating sustainability into your life, ease into it first. A great way to start is at home. Here are some simple ways to incorporate eco-friendly design into your home.

Simple Interior Design Tips to Give Your Home the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Makeover

Bring in Energy Efficiency

A great way to “green up” your home is to power it with green energy. Green energy is electricity that’s generated from renewable energy sources like the sun, wind, and water… resources that we have in abundance.

Traditionally, the electricity we have in our homes is generated from burning fossil fuels like coal and oil.

When fossil fuels are burned, sulfur dioxide emissions are released into the air, contributing to the already huge problem of air pollution. By making the switch, you’ll be doing more good than you even know.

Literally, Add Green… Green Plants

Adding plants to your home is one of the best interior design ideas to follow, whether you’re going for an eco-friendly design or not.

For one, plants naturally clean the air by replacing the carbon dioxide in your home with oxygen.

Secondly, plants are just beautiful and accentuate all interior design styles, whether your home is Hollywood Glam or industrial… Plus, they have tons of health benefits.

Take Advantage of Your Home’s Natural Light

The right lighting can change the mood of a room from light and airy to relaxing, but it can also transform the look of a room as well.

So if your home gets lots of natural light, you need to maximize that to contribute to the overall look of your home’s new makeover.

From curtains to blinds, these are accessories that accent your windows and can reshape the look and feel of your home.

Freshen Up Your Walls With Low VOC Paint

Think of the paint on your walls like makeup foundation… every now and then you need a touch up for a refreshed look.

But just like certain makeup foundations can have chemicals in them that are bad for your skin, certain paints can have toxic chemicals in them that are bad for your health and the environment.

That’s why you want to freshen up your walls with low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints.

Standard paints contain VOCs, which can cause respiratory issues and even severe damage like nervous system issues.

So when you’re choosing your wall paint, be sure you choose paints with low VOCs.

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