An (EHR) electronic health record is increasingly considered as an essential tool to deliver safe patient care. EHR is an online version of a patient’s health record that can be shared, updated instantly and is completely secured. Digitized health information can improve the quality of care, efficiency and eventually reduce costs.

However, EHR is not just a place to hold information, the software helps you focus on the patient, meet their requirements and document details faster, all in real-time. Seamless integration across all systems and platforms enables for accurate information to be processed.

EHR software provides the tools needed for scheduling either a patient, equipment, or a provider; bill notifications and payments, collections and revenue analysis. EHR consulting provides you the holistic approach needed to enable the best quality of care in an effective and profitable manner. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to store and access medical data across agencies and locations. This data is further used for different analytical purposes that can solve issues such as risk mitigation, clinical decisions, safety and optimization of design workflows.

Why is EHR consulting important?
The electronic health record (EHR) is widely accepted and suited for many healthcare systems. Regardless of the platform or module, getting an expert advice and talented consultants to work with you will ensure that your project is successful. Though this will be one of the largest expenditures for an organization, the clinical, operational and financial profits are clearly visible in the long run. One can take full advantage of the benefits provided by electronic medical records or EHR consulting by achieving meaningful use.

Through quality integration and implementation of EHR – electronic health record, you can develop a chronic care management system to improve outcomes and drive revenue using existing resources. EHR consulting allows you to cater comprehensive care and coordination to your patients while providing support that paves the way to a value-based future.

Advantages of EHR Consulting

Better care coordination Emergency management
Electronic alerts Patient/Result data management
Effective administration Timely reports
Improved connectivity Advance support
Quick access to information Secure sharing
Reduced medical errors Increase patient interaction
Enhanced security and privacy Reliable prescriptions
Reduces cost Removes duplications

Aegis Health Tech understands the upstream and downstream of the application and can provide you with strategic planning, adoption, and testing of the software. If you are implementing for the first time or just upgrading your existing system, we improve all aspects of healthcare using our practical expertise and experience in EHR consulting. Our advanced methodology helps us in recruiting only the best professionals who have the right passion and proficiency to optimize a precise approach that is best suited to your business.


Our services are designed to ensure maximum risk coverage, reduce expenditure and improve the quality of healthcare through EHR consulting. Aegis takes pride in leading the forefront in EHR integration with existing software, including NexGen, eMD, Allscripts, Greenway, and Groupcast.

Our services
Patient portals:
Patients can access their medical information, request for lab results in real-time, schedule appointments or make payments. Connect and communicate patient-centric information with ease.

Patient records management:
Manage integrated text and visuals from entry-level tracking to imaging. This flexible, easy to use software can optimize the workflow as per your requirement.

EHR consulting can build you an integrated system with CPT codes so you can constantly track records to avail maximum reimbursements. Simplify your billing that is accurate and easily manageable.


Intuitive and robust e-prescription enables easy access to patients and medical professionals at the time of need. It is an efficient way to improve accuracy, reorder or transmit prescriptions.

Scheduling visits:
Improve efficiency through practice management and streamline the work flow of patient schedules. Multiple facilities along with appointment availability, help staff manage their time accordingly.

Clinical decisions:
The core measure of meaningful use can be met through this comprehensive EHR integration. The (CDS) Clinical Decision Support application analyzes data and aids patients, staff and medical professionals to organize their work flow.

Improved patient outcomes:
EHR Consulting aids in diagnostics and improves abilities to provide reliable access to a patient. Prevent errors and adjust appropriate care, thereby supporting the overall patient outcome.

If you are ready to start evaluating options for your business, speak to one of our experts today for the best implementation.

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