Pest Free Outdoor Event

Warm weather is good for an outdoor event, but unfortunately, good weather invites insects to the party. During the warm weather seasons, bugs and insects come out of hibernation to replenish their stores. These party crushers make your guest uncomfortable and could ruin the whole event. Pest control yard services can also help with the unwanted guest. Here is a list of 5 tips to keep bugs away.

#1. Bug Lanterns

Bug lanterns come in all shapes and sizes today. Some lanterns are decorative and cordless for convenience. The light from the lamps attract the bugs and insects. Choose the lantern that fits the size of your backyard.

Pros to using a bug lantern:

  • No open flames
  • Reusable
  • Covers small to large areas, up to 1 1/2 acres

Cons to using a bug lantern:

  • May harm insect beneficial to the environment
  • May produce a smell from burnt bugs
  • Expensive to buy and to replace light

#2. Candles and Torches

Smoke and fragrance will repel bugs and insects from your outdoor event. Candles and torches are pleasing to the eyes and are useful in keeping the pest away. Surround the parameter with tiki torches to make your party beautiful and to ward off uninvited guest. Place candles as centerpieces to emit fragrance at each table or dining area. Oil of citronella in candles and torches may help ward off flying bugs and insects.

Pros to using candles and torches:

  • Inexpensive
  • Attractive
  • Small radius

Cons to using candles and torches:

  • Effective during calm weather
  • Citronella may be harmful to animals
  • May blew out if windy

#3. Keep the Food Covered

Use pop-up mesh screens to keep food covered. The dome screens are see-through, so your beautiful spread is seen. The mesh screens come in different sizes and sets for your convenience. Also, you can use containers with lids to keep food covered. For instance, use a shower cap to cover the other half of the watermelon. You can cover your drinks with cupcake liner, then put a straw through the top for a bug-free beverage.

#4. Keep the area Clean

Keeping the area around the food clean will help prevent bugs and insect from intruding on your guest. If there is a spill clean it up immediately. Don’t give the unwelcomed guest a chance to sniff the spill out. Furthermore, if you drop food on the ground don’t leave it there pick it up. Food on the ground attracts bugs to the dining area. Finally, put all discarded food far away from the dining area in a closed container.

#5. Use a Fan

Putting a fan near the food on a low setting will keep flying insects off the food. During a hot day having some big fans to cool down your guest while keeping insect away solves two problems with one solution. In fact, your body emits carbon dioxide and other scents that attract insects. The fan disperses most of the smells that draw the bugs closer to you.

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