winter home

As the fall season comes to an end and we prepare to transition to the season that’s typically the coldest, people often fixate on the looming holiday season and start thinking about shopping for gifts or making wish lists. They may also begin pondering New Year’s resolutions and think about how to make personal improvements during the coming year.

You can probably relate to those tendencies, but it’s important to do something else as the winter season nears: Make sure your home is ready for the coming cold weather.

Deal With Drafts

Regardless of if your home is several decades old or you bought it new two years ago, it probably has at least a few drafty areas. They make your home colder because chilly air comes in through small gaps. You can tackle drafts in numerous ways.

If you determine there’s a big draft due to a gap under the front door, a new sweep could block the air. Alternatively, choose weather stripping and other types of adhesive foam to stop drafts around windows and the sides of doors.

Fix Up the Fireplace

There are many responsibilities to take care of indoors and out when readying your home for the winter season. Because of that reality, you may find the tasks easier to manage by referring to a cold-weather home preparedness checklist. Then, it’s less likely you’ll forget something crucial.

One thing to certainly make sure to do is to check the fireplace. Inspect the chimney to check that it’s free from bird nesting materials and other debris. Also, operate the flue to see if it correctly stays in an open or closed position. If you notice any problems, call a specialist as soon as possible.

Remember that many other households in your community are probably evaluating fireplaces too. That means that local service providers will be busier than usual as the winter months get closer.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

When pipes freeze and burst, those problems can cause serious issues with your water supply and affect your home’s structure. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to minimize the chance of frozen pipes before winter even arrives.

First, consider investing in specialized products that keep individualized pipes warmer. These items usually feature sleeve-like designs, so they are easy to install and maintain. Also, if the temperatures don’t drop below freezing for long periods of time in the place where you live, a newspaper can provide sufficient pipe insulation. Simply find material that’s at least a quarter of an inch thick, then wrap it around the pipes.

When the cold weather arrives and the pipes are at risk of freezing, turn on the water at a trickle. The steady movement of the liquid should make frozen pipe problems less likely to happen.

Get Your Furnace Tuned Up in the Fall

The autumn season is a great time of year to schedule a furnace checkup. This preventative measure could keep your energy bills lower this winter, plus keep the home safer for your family. It’s important to realize, too, that delayed furnace maintenance could result in an emergency breakdown.

Such an issue could cause significant discomfort for the people in the household, not to mention cause you to pay more than expected for the service call because you need a technician without delay and potentially outside of normal business hours. Having a proactive attitude about your furnace and getting it regularly serviced by a professional is always better than hoping you’ll get lucky and won’t have problems.

These four things are important to make your home a comfortable place during the winter. By taking care of them now before you have to deal with extremely cold days, you’ll save money and feel less stressed.