Off Road Trails

Every dirt road rider, whether you are riding a motorcycle or an ATV needs a helmet because a dirt road trail could turn into rather steep in some sections. It could include rocks, tree roots, and deep ruts that could cause on side of the quad to lift up higher than the other.

The earth’s surface is not always level and it could put off-road vehicles in up-side-down positions. Slamming your bare head into a dirt or a rock could be fatal. If you are wearing a helmet, your head will be protect from serious injuries. Even an open face helmet will work to protect against the knocks or tip over.

Off Road Biking Ideas

A full face helmet with a visor not only block the sun glare from your eyes, it also deflect dirt, mud, and water spray as well, especially if you are riding behind another rider. So if you don’t have a helmet, you will need to check out of the motorcycle helmets for sale and get one ready for your off-road adventures.

Once you have a motorcycle riding helmet and a good quality riding jacket, you can then prepare your ATV for the off road riding. Mud ride is one of the fun activities during the summer holidays. Outdoor lovers don’t mind getting dirty and muddy while riding on a mud trail. But first, make sure that your bike or ATV is equipped with parts suitable for the kind of ride you are planning.

If it is a mud ride, then you will need to get ATV mud tires. Mud tires are larger and has deep tread patterns that provide excellent traction in muddy trails. Riding through the mud can be messy and dangerous. Installing fender flares on your ATV will deflect flying mud and other debris while mud riding. Installing a lift kit will increase ground clearance to prevent the large mud tires from rubbing against the fenders and also provides the bike with addition height and ground clearance.

A pair of mud grips to replace the regular hand grips to enable you to maintain control of the ATV’s handlebars while navigating through wet and muddy trails. Preferably, the radiator to be shifted to another location to prevent the radiator from getting filled with mud.

You can also consider replacing the stock clutch with a clutch kit to improve throttle response and prevent belt slippage. A snorkel kit will enable your ATV to wade in deep mud and water without the engine dying on the road. Also importance is mounting a winch on the front rack of your ATV for pulling a bike that is stuck in the thick mud.

Equipping Your Self and Your ATV for Off Road Trails 1
Equipping Your Self and Your ATV for Off Road Trails 2