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Living in the 21st-century means that we have had to learn many shortcuts to live our daily lives. Given that we are increasingly strapped for time, it goes without saying that 24 hours a day is not actually all that long. However that is all we are all going to get, so we had best make the most out of it.

On that note, there are a few things in our routine that we tend to contemplate on simply because of how much time is consumed. Self-tanning is one of them. The following are a few self-tanning hacks that will make the job a lot easier next time around.

Prep with Oil-Free Products
Exfoliation is an important first step of self-tanning. In fact, it should not be skipped at all. It helps get rid of dead skin cells and creates a smooth texture for the product to glide on well. For exfoliation, you need a decent scrub, and this scrub should be oil-free. Actually, any product you use on your skin for tanning preparation should not have oil. If not, the oil will create a sort of barrier, preventing even application of the product.

Shave Well In Advance
This is also important before your tanning process, and in a sense is a sort of exfoliation as well. However, since shaving leaves your skin open through tiny nicks and cuts sometimes, you should never risk applying tanning product straight after shaving. That includes products like liquid gold self-tanning spray. Just because you do not rub it on, does not mean it will not cause an irritation. You should be shaving anywhere between 12-24 hours before shaving ideally. Nothing less than 12 hours is what you should bear in mind.

Use Baby Powder
Why exactly, you ask? Well, talc prevents your self-tanner from dreaded creasing. You should apply the powder only once you are completely done with applying the tanning product, on your elbows, knees and armpits, as these are the areas that tend to crease since they fold. The powder helps prevent any streaking or cracking, and it also makes sure the likelihood of smudging is greatly reduced, making your life so much easier in the process.

Ice for Your Face
If you are prone to breakouts, then applying tanner on your face can exacerbate the condition. To stop it in its tracks, use some ice on your face. Basically how it works, is the ice closes up your pores. As we know by now, pores are what causes breakouts when dust, dirt and bacteria go into them. These mix with the oil in the pore glands, which then create breakouts ultimately.

By blocking the pores with the ice, you are preventing any product from entering them, thereby stopping the chances of you dealing with breakouts after you are done tanning. Quite simple, and also quite a genius idea! As it turns out, ice also works great for existing pimples if you have any, as it helps calm any irritation.

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