Magnetic Knife Holders

Knives are essential to our day to day life, and without them, life could be unbearable. But as much as it improves the quality of life, it’s a double-edged sword because it could be dangerous if not stored well.

So, for this reason, the storage of a knife is of uttermost importance. Kitchen knives should be kept in pristine condition with a space-saving, magnetic knife holder. It stores your knives flat and protects the blades from the following:

  • Becomes dull easily
  • Knives can be stored through sheaths, rolls, blocks, and magnetic holders
  • The use of magnetic knife holders avails easier to clean surface and saves you on space

Storage is essential because when the knife is not in use, it needs to be kept in a safe place. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough storage to keep away everything, especially dangerous ones like knives.

best magnetic knife holder

How can knives be stored?

The crucial part of the knife that needs to be protected always is the sharp edge.  You can use anything including clothing wraps that can keep the knife safe. There are several ways in which knives can be stored:

#1. Wooden knife storage

These are made from wood. They consist of a built compartment with many horizontal and vertical slots, where several knives of different sizes are slotted in.

#2. Knife sheath

The sheath is a sleeve designed to cover the entire blade, protecting it from other utensils. Make sure it fits the blade with ease and made of strong material that can be washed.

#3. The chiefs knife roll

When open, the knife roll has rows of slot pockets where your knife blades are inserted. With each knife slotted in securely, the leather is then rolled, enclosing the knives inside securely.

What should I look for when buying a magnetic knife holder?

You should have the measurement of the space where you will mount the knife holder before purchasing it. They range from 10-24 inches.

There are shorter ones and longer ones, each bringing its strength and weakness and sometimes even complementing one another. A long magnetic bar can hold frequently-used utensils and can upgrade the aesthetics of the kitchen’s interior décor.

Some models have slidable hooks, others removable that act as utensil holders, thus widening the kitchen storage options. When purchasing the magnetic knife handler, consider the following:

  • The Quality
  • The Durability
  • Ease of installation
  • Is it Multipurpose
  • Risk of purchase

Surface materials

Magnetic knife holders come in different surface materials -most commonly plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, or wood. Plastic is cheaper, but of lower quality, but comes in many colors, shapes, and styles.

Stainless steel magnetic knife holders are also quite affordable. They are long-lasting and low-maintenance. Mostly they are installed in professional kitchens.

Wood models are more expensive but are harder to clean. Generally, they have a warmer appearance and will look right at home in most classically-designed kitchens.


When installing the magnetic knife holder, the size, shape, and quality are determined by what you want to store in your home or professional kitchen.

Another important determinant is the budget for the installation. The strength of the magnet you use should be in tandem with what you want to store.

The strongest magnet is the neodymium, while the weaker one is the samarium- cobalt. Neodymium is ideal for the magnetic knife holder, owing to the strength and other good qualities. They can retain their force for a long time if adequately maintained.

The depth strip

The depth strip is significant. You want a clearance that can offer you space where you can navigate the kitchen with ease. To maintain a slim profile, the strip depth should be approximate, three quarters of an inch.

How to install the Magnetic Knife holder?

When considering space to install your magnetic knife holder, you should look for convenient places to utilize the wall.

Walls like under the cabinets could be the best place to mount your knife holder, above the sink, and try to be creative to make out more places where you can install your holder.

Avoid installing the holder in lower areas where there is the ease of reach by the children, near heat source because heat can damage the magnetism of the holder and places where there is a bit of high traffic.


Magnetic knife holders have revolutionized the storage of knife, by offering sanitary, space-saving, and improved kitchen outlook. There are many ways to store Knives appropriately, but magnetic knife holders are our favorite.

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