zeus arc

There has been a steady increase of vaping experience for medical or recreational activities in the global market. Many people have forgotten the sizable amount of waste that they used to encounter with the traditional herb-taking process every day.

The convenience and ease of use of vaping equipment like Zeus arc are the main drivers why vaping has had such a tremendous growth for herb lovers.

Supposing you want to invest in a new dry herb vaporizer, consider Zeus arc; it will give you a better experience of enjoying your fresh cannabis flower without questionable additives or with no carcinogens.

Here is everything you need to know about this gadget that has become the most cutting-edge Zeus in the market.

What is the Zeus Arc?

The Zeus arc is a vaping gadget that is gaining more popularity among dry herb vape experiences with its design features. It is made of gold-plated vapor path, and it has a multi-tool that also acts as a USB port cover.

How to set up the Zeus Arc

Once you have charged your Zeus arc, and it is ready for use, setting it up is easy. You need to pop open the gadget magnetic top part; you will then be able to see a channel that usually holds the silicone cap, which also directs the grounded flower into the heating chamber that is then dipped below everything else.

Depending on how tight you pack your arc, it will rip with some heating; it won’t take you long before you start enjoying the sweet point that comes from the solid airflow from the base.

It is important to note that overloading your Zeus arc can mess its magnetic seal. Therefore, load it with sizable grounded flowers.

How to use your Zeus Arc

After loading your chamber with your favorite flavor of the herb, here is a simple guide that will help you get an experience that will elevate you.

The first thing you will have to do is to press the equipment power button for some seconds. It will vibrate in your hand, which will indicate that it has started to power up. You will then have to observe the blue light inside the chamber and wait for it to turn green.

Once it has turned green, and then take your time to draws the airflow slowly into your mouth. Immediately after your first slow rip, you can adjust the power setting button to your liking.

Depending on the setting you make using a button, the moisture content will change as per your setting, and you can enjoy the best for that moment experience.

It is worth noting that the moment you start experiencing some burnt taste of flowers, do not empty them. Instead, take the tool built to your device’s base and then stir it up to mix the flowers inside the chamber.

You can then replace the lid and continue enjoying your moment with some more decent quality pulls.

Finally, handle your device carefully when using it. If you don’t exercise good care, you can scratch the inner walls when stirring up the chamber, and it will warn out.

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